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What is Viber?

Viber is a social and communication application created by Viber Media. More than 606 million Viber users send text messages, make HD phone and video calls, and send photos and videos worldwide over Wi-Fi or 3G. You can create group messages with up to 200 people. The app allows free messaging and phone calls from mobile devices. Users can exchange messages if they have a mobile network connection.

In Viber, your phone number is your identifier. The application synchronizes with your mobile contacts list, automatically identifying which of your contacts have Viber. Viber offers free messaging as well as high-quality audio calls. It uses voice-over-Internet protocol or VoIP instead of the standard short message service or SMS from mobile devices. Users must still have a registered data plan or a stable Wi-Fi connection to communicate with others.


The app also allows low-cost international calls and group chats, no matter where they are. Users can apply for a Viber Out subscription. The messaging feature includes standard features such as sending text messages, adding personal photos and videos, inserting stickers or GIFs, and even attaching files. Viber has a collection of animated GIFs and stickers where users can purchase images they like. Users can also connect to other apps through chat extensions. The call function allows both standard audio and video calls. It also implements end-to-end encryption to ensure the security and privacy of callers.

Any form of messaging is also sent as an encryption code that only the recipients can read using a particular encryption key. The encryption key is unique only to the user, so nothing is written down. Everything must be clear so that users can understand everything they say to each other. Hosted group chat can include up to 250 participants, which is ideal for private discussions. Users can also mention friends, pin messages, and reply to group chat messages.

Why download Viber for iOS?

Viber is coming out to mobile devices. It has free messaging and calling while adding mobile device features such as attachments and extensions. The app can also be used to communicate through group chats and communities. The default mobile device communication app may need to make changes to implement these features. Security is determined by how the app collects and shares your data. The privacy and data protection practices may vary depending on the use of the app, the region, and the user's age. The developer who provides this information may update it. Also, with each update, you get a lot of improvements, not all of which we advertise. To enjoy the best, always download the latest version of Viber.

Viber respects your privacy and considers it a top priority, just like you. Unlike some messengers, Viber cannot read your private and group chats or eavesdrop on personal voice and video calls. End-to-end encryption works by default and requires no extra steps to enable it. Your private and group discussions and calls are completely secure. Only you and your contacts have access to them.


What’s new

Every update has behind-the-scenes upgrades to make Viber better ;) Always get the latest version for the best Viber experience
Viber respects your privacy and it is a top priority for us, just like it is for you.

  • Group chat with up to 250 participants
  • Free messages and calls
  • Audio and video calls with end-to-end encryption
  • Secret self-destruct chat room
  • Some GIFs or stickers must be pre-purchased
  • There are better-messaging apps
  • May consume more data bandwidth
  • Additional features are available when you subscribe to Viber Out

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