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Melissa Wyss
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A convenient tool for working with vector graphics

Computer graphics are divided into raster and vector graphics. Raster graphics is a grid of pixels with various color properties for each pixel. This formula conveys a color palette in a photo but can lose its quality when scaling, so such graphics are unsuitable for design. Designers usually use vector graphics consisting of mathematical formulas and geometric shapes.

Vectornator: Design Software is an application for working with vector graphics, available for iOS. We will tell you about it.

What is this program?

Vectornator has quickly earned popularity among vector graphics editors for iOS devices. It provides all the professional features necessary for high-quality work with vector graphics.

User-friendly interface

Vectornator: Design Software was created for professionals who have worked in the design field for years, but the developers have also shown care for beginners. The program for iOS has a user-friendly interface to help beginners quickly navigate the learning process. Advanced users can enjoy high performance and tools necessary for a severe workflow.

Advanced toolset

Vectornator: Design Software for iOS has an advanced toolset, similar to the functionality of vector editors for iOS PCs. There are unlimited layers, color profiles, such as CMYK, custom fonts, actual layer blending modes, masks, object duplication features, alignment tools, and more. There are also ready-to-use interface elements allowing the ordinary user to immediately start creating application interfaces for iOS and other operating systems.

Additional features

Vectornator: Design Software is based on Metal technology for 64-bit devices. Due to this, the program differs significantly from other applications. You will realize this when working on projects with many elements. The editor also allows you to connect an external keyboard (it is very convenient for users of Apple Smart Keyboards and other iPad Bluetooth keyboards) and supports the Apple Pencil, among many other styluses.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced toolset
  • All possibilities for professional work with vector graphics
  • None
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