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SoundHound for iOS - Music Identification and Discovery

SoundHound for Android is a music recognition and discovery app that allows you to identify music by simply humming, singing, or playing a song. With its cutting-edge technology, SoundHound lets you discover new songs, artists, and genres with ease. Whether you're at home or on the go, SoundHound gives you access to a vast music library, personalized playlists, and live lyrics. Download the app now and experience the magic of music discovery at your fingertips.

Find out what song is playing

SoundHound is an innovative music app that brings you the latest and greatest in music discovery. With SoundHound, users can listen to over 35 million songs from around the world, along with full-length albums and top singles from a variety of genres. This powerful app also provides access to exclusive artist interviews, playlists, and more. Plus, if you hear a song on the radio or at a club and need to know what it is - just use SoundHound's groundbreaking technology to identify it right away!

The SoundHound application is available for iOS devices so we will tell you more about it.

What is this program?

SoundHound for iOS is an app that allows users to identify music playing around them with just a tap of the screen. It uses advanced audio recognition technology and its MusicID feature to recognize songs, albums, artists, and even genres in real-time. With SoundHound for iOS, users can easily access more information about their favorite tracks or discover new ones. It also has features like LiveLyrics, which provides real-time lyrics synced to the song you’re listening to. Additionally, it offers integration with Apple Music so you can add songs you find on SoundHound directly into your library without leaving the app.

With these features and more, SoundHound for iOS is perfect for music lovers who want to get the most out of their listening experience.

Features and benefits

SoundHound for iOS offers an array of features and benefits that make it a great music-listening experience.

  • With SoundHound, you can search for songs by humming or singing them into the app, access lyrics to all your favorite tracks, follow along with real-time song progress visualization, get artist bios and photos, and create playlists.

  • Additionally, SoundHound's audio recognition technology makes it easier than ever to identify a track within seconds using just your voice.

  • It even integrates with Siri so you can easily ask her to start playing any track you want!

  • Plus, with its premium membership option users can receive unlimited skips while they listen to their favorite tunes without ads.

So if you're looking for an intuitive way to find and listen to music on the go, then SoundHound for iOS is your best bet. It's the ultimate music-listening experience!

The reasons to download SoundHound for iOS

SoundHound for iOS is an app that makes music discovery and exploration easy.

  • With access to millions of songs, users can quickly identify any song they are listening to and explore its artist, album, and related recommendations right from their mobile device.

  • The app also supports streaming of popular radio stations, providing even more variety in music selection.

  • The convenience of SoundHound for iOS makes it an essential tool for music lovers everywhere. Its sophisticated song recognition technology eliminates the need to search through numerous pages of search results by accurately matching a song within seconds. Music enthusiasts can discover new songs with ease, allowing them to expand their musical horizons in no time.

  • Additionally, users can take advantage of real-time lyrics, as well as create playlists, allowing them to easily organize and access their favorite tracks.

  • In addition to its wide selection of music, SoundHound for iOS also offers integrations with other popular streaming services. It’s easy to connect your Apple Music or Spotify account for added convenience. This feature ensures that users always have access to the best music library available.

  • Finally, the app is free-to-use and simple to install on any iOS device. With intuitive controls and user-friendly design, there’s no need to be a tech expert in order to gain access to millions of songs within seconds.

Downloading SoundHound for iOS is an absolute must for anyone who needs an effortless way to discover new music.

In conclusion

SoundHound for iOS is an excellent app for anyone who needs a comprehensive music-listening and discovery experience. It's filled with useful features, such as auto-tagging, real-time lyrics, song recommendations, and more. The intuitive UI makes it easy to jump right in and start exploring the world of music. Plus, its integration with other streaming services helps you stay up-to-date on the latest releases from your favorite artists.

For these reasons, SoundHound for iOS is a great choice for those who need an all-in-one music solution. Its wide variety of tools makes it easy to find new songs and keep up with your favorites. With SoundHound for iOS, any music fan can easily create their own personalized soundscape.

  • Fast recognition speed
  • Very accurate
  • Lots of resources related to songs and artists
  • Identifies songs that you hum or sing
  • No free song streaming
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