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Safeguard Secure PDF Viewersfor iOS

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Gabriela Haynes
Gabriela Haynes
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Mobile app for viewing and annotating secure PDFs

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers allow you to view, annotate and mark up your documents in the palm of your hand. You can make changes to your PDF files, including adding text, images, and more. This can be done in real time so that you can see how the changes will look before saving them. You can also use Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers to edit metadata information about your files. You can add descriptions, keywords, dates of creation and modification, or any other information you want people to see when they view the document.

Users can install Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers on their own devices, or they can use the Zero Installation option and access it through a web browser or using a USB stick.

How does it work?

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers work by ensuring that only authorized users can open the protected PDFs. When you create an admin in the Admin system, you will get a license key and email that you can send to your users so they can register and start opening documents.

Security measures

Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers has some security features that help you prevent unauthorized access to your files.

  • First and foremost, there are no plug-ins or JavaScript to worry about. This means there's no chance of malware entering your device, allowing the viewer to run on older versions of iOS.

  • Safeguard does not rely on Adobe Acrobat or third-party software for reading, writing, or editing documents. You don't have to worry about downloading something from the internet or installing software on your device — you can open up the app and start using it immediately.

  • There are no passwords, either. You can read documents without logging in or creating an account with Safeguard.

  • Additionally, all documents are encrypted so that even if someone did break into your account somehow, they would still be unable to read any of the documents stored there because they would only see gibberish instead.

  • There are no temporary files created by Safeguard when viewing documents. Instead, it uses memory management features built into iOS so that all files will remain on your device until you delete them manually.


The Safeguard Secure PDF Viewers are the perfect solution for your PDF viewing needs. With the ability to view, annotate, and secure files on your iPhone or iPad without converting them into another file format or downloading a desktop application, these readers are ideal for anyone who needs fast access to their documents while on the go.

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