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Gabriela Haynes
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Create great videos with your memories automatically

RealTimes is a program for creating slideshows from your photos or videos without your participation. You can easily create interesting videos of your best life moments and easily share them with anyone thanks to cloud technology.

Benefits of using RealTimes

  • Scan all photos. RealTimes scans all images and videos from the device, even quite old and forgotten ones. In this way, you can recall pleasant stories and feel nostalgia together with your friends.

  • Automatic selection. Artificial intelligence will automatically select the best photos that have good lighting, clarity, and brightness. There will be no similar photos or duplicates. Mostly photos with people are selected, but there are exceptions if the photo is really good.

  • Change it yourself. If you don't like some details as a result, you can also choose the content yourself, change it, or rearrange it in a different order if you are not satisfied with the result. Then you have the option to choose any filter, effects, transitions between slides, and other visual details.

  • Share. You can share your video on other social networks, save it to your device, send in messages, and mail it to anyone. So you can share memories with your friends.

  • Social network. Also, RealTimes is an independent social network. If you want to use it, then you need to go through a simple registration. You can follow friends, acquaintances, and relatives and receive notifications when they add new content to their accounts.

  • Adaptation for all platforms. The system automatically adjusts the video format for other platforms using RealPlayer technology. Therefore, your created videos will be equally great on all devices and all platforms.

Background music

If you want to view memories to be more interesting and create the right atmosphere, you can add music. The app offers factory tracks, but you can add your own downloaded music. You can also record your voice for video narration right in this application. With the right music or voiceover from you, the video will be much more interesting to watch over and over again.

Is the app free to use?

RealTimes is free to download and use. However, there is a limit on the duration of the slide show (30 seconds), only 2 GB of cloud storage, and limitations in some functions. If you need more, you should buy a paid subscription under any plan or make an in-app purchase.

Should I download RealTimes on iOS?

If you have quite a lot of photos and videos on your iPhone that no one has seen - you should try downloading RealTimes. This tool will quickly and easily organize your material and turn it into a beautiful slideshow that you can share on social networks, in messages with friends or emails with family, or enjoy warm memories alone.

You also have the option to customize the displayed photos and videos, add transition effects, add your own music, and much more. You can also surprise your subscribers with this high-quality content without additional filming, retouching, and hour-long editing. It is a free application that offers great features, fast results, a simple interface, and regular updates.

  • Intuitive interface
  • It keeps it simple for fast sharing
  • Friends don't have to join
  • Long export times for longer videos
  • Tough sell against free alternatives

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