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Safe, fast, and private browser for gamers

Opera GX for iOS devices is a mobile version of the Opera web browser designed specifically for gamers. It includes all the features of the regular Opera browser, plus some extra gaming-related features such as built-in game recommendations, game-themed design elements, support for gaming controllers, and more. Opera GX is available for free from the App Store.

Tech spec

  • The app requires iPhone, iPad, and iPod 14.0 or above

  • Size: 71.2 MB

  • Supports 35 languages

  • Free

Functionality and main features

Opera GX is a free app that combines the best of Opera's browser technologies with powerful gaming features. It gives you the freedom to browse the web your way. The app offers features such as:

  • Custom themes: change the look and feel of your browser by applying themes like Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, and others. You can also switch between dark and light screen modes.

  • GX Corner: find and discover new and exciting games with ease. This tool also helps you to manage your game settings, as well as access your game library.

  • My Flow: share links and web pages between your mobile device and your computer. It allows you to keep track of your web browsing history and bookmarks across devices. You can also connect your phone or computer using QR codes to send encrypted messages safe from prying eyes.

  • The Fast Action Button (GX-FAB) is a one-stop shop for your most commonly used actions, such as opening a new tab, private browsing, or adding a bookmark. The GX-FAB sits at the bottom of the screen, so it's always within reach. It provides quick access to your bookmarks, history, and settings. Additionally, this button can be customized to include other frequently used actions or shortcuts.

  • Built-in Ad Blocker: blocks ads on websites you visit. This can be useful for reducing the amount of data used when browsing the web and blocking unwanted content such as pop-ups and other intrusive advertising.

  • Built-in Cookie Dialog Blocker: blocks or allows cookies from all websites or only from specific websites. You can also set the Blocker to allow cookies only from websites you have visited.

  • Personalized News Feed: a new AI technology personalizes your news feed according to your interests. It uses machine learning to analyze your browsing habits and recommends articles you might be interested in.


Opera GX offers a unique browsing experience focusing on speed, performance, and customization. It's a free app that lets you find and discover new games, share links between devices, and browse securely and ad-free. Overall, Opera GX is an excellent web browser that makes it worth considering.


What’s new

This version includes latest bug fixes and improvements.

  • Free
  • One-handed navigation
  • Built-in Ad-Blocker
  • Mobile and desktop sync
  • Lacking features than of desktop versions

More info

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