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Thomas Lucero
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Convenient app for working with tables

Tables are probably the most convenient way to store and maintain statistical data, financial information, technical characteristics, and other data sets that contain records of the same type with different values of the same parameters. Before the advent of the computer, large notebooks or special journals were used for keeping tables. However, with the development of digitalization, more convenient tools have also appeared — for example, the Numbers app for iOS which we will tell you about.

What this program can do

With Numbers, you can fully work with data tables, format them, make graphs and charts, calculate different mathematical values, and generally make your work much easier. For example, you can use tables that show the movement of finances, medical indications, or the stages of car maintenance.

Each file in the app consists of several tabs which are convenient for placing the same types of data arrays, that can later be linked to provide summary results or draw common graphs. Initially, each tab is empty but with the help of the button you can fill them with various objects — primarily tables, as well as images from your photo albums, geometrical shapes, or diagrams.

Fill forms

Numbers for iOS offers a convenient way to fill out tables — with forms. Data you enter into a form will automatically filled into the table. Each filled form will be a row of the final table. In addition to entering data, you can format fonts, the appearance of tables, images, and diagrams. The app has a huge number of flexible settings for each element which are available after clicking a button.

3D graphics and charts

One of the most talked about features of Numbers is a possibility to easily add 3D graphs and charts into tables. And while 2D charts are enough for many people, the ability to use 3D illusion has its own advantages and can make the Numbers app more popular. It is important to convey information in an interesting and engaging way, and 3D graphs and charts serve just that purpose.

  • Convenient tools for working with tables
  • Easy to create and edit 3D graphs and charts
  • Good stability and performance
  • No landscape orientation for iPhone
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