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Explore all the fun locations and have fun creating your own stories

My City: After School for iOS is an addicting simulation game for kids developed by My Town Games. My Town Games Ltd. is a game development company aiming to create open-ended games for younger ones to encourage imagination, exploration, learning, and inclusion. The My City: After School game offers several locations for players to discover and a wide range of activities to do and enjoy.

Game features

  • Six unique locations for kids to explore are offered, namely Library, Karate Class, Fountain Park, a Pizza store, A pond, and a skateboarding area.

  • You can create up to 20 characters and choose any gender, race, and age you want. Furthermore, you can dress and customize these characters on your after-school adventure.

  • My City: After School will provide you with daily gifts and furniture to upgrade your home and wardrobe.

  • The game comes with a night and day function.

  • All My City games are connected, so you can easily and quickly move characters and various items between the games.

  • The game supports a multi-touch feature, meaning that children can play this with their friends or family on the same screen.

  • Parents can be sure that their kids are protected from unwanted content, as there are no ads in this game.


As already mentioned, the My City: After School for iOS has six exciting locations to try and explore: library, karate class, fountain park, pond, skateboard park, and pizzeria. The park is a favorite for many players worldwide, as you can find various engaging activities and interactive elements.

For example, you can eat ice cream, enjoy candies, or even change the fountain decoration. Considering other locations, they also include various fascinating stuff to do; however, in general, they offer the same essential experience. For example, you can read a book in the library or skate at the skateboard park.

Disadvantages of the game

My City: After School for iOS can boast a variety of advantages, but, at the same time, some users complain about their poor experience. Mainly, the biggest problem with this game is its loading glitch. A few players have noticed that after installing the game, there are situations when it does not proceed beyond the loading screen. Beyond that, there are some troubles with music. Despite having a wide range of sound effects, from eating to putting on clothes, the game cannot offer accompanying pieces in the background.


My City: After School is one of the most excellent games for kids developed by My Town Games Ltd. This game will be a perfect solution for caring parents if they want to keep their children busy for a little while. Children can enjoy many activities as they play the game together with multiple locations to discover.

  • It can connect with other My City games
  • Supports multi-touch
  • Has a day and night feature
  • Has no ads
  • Safe for kids
  • It doesn’t load properly sometimes
  • Graphics glitches
  • Gameplay is limited
  • Lacks music
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