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Make your iPhone a small music studio

MuseScore is an app for those who want to create music pieces on iPhones. The built-in MIDI player lets you play the composed music in real-time. One of the best features of the application is a simple, user-friendly interface adapted for both professional composers and beginners.

This app secures simplicity and reliability. You can immediately save a piece of your written music by pressing an icon. Today using paper sheets for writing down notes makes a composer look outdated. It is not an advanced tool for big professional studios, but it is strongly recommended for all amateurs and beginners.

Interface and capabilities

A user-friendly interface is the main requirement of many music composers. Having all kinds of notes and symbols at your disposal is crucial for creating a true masterpiece. Thanks to the built-in MIDI player, the composition can be played at any time, and connecting a keyboard allows users to enter musical notes in real-time. The database of musical samples will enable you to simulate the sound of analog instruments.

Create on the go

Like other people, composers often travel. It is almost impossible to take a personal studio computer with you. But great musical ideas can pop into a composer's head anytime, anywhere. MuseScore for iOS allows you to record musical notes anywhere using your tablet or smartphone. Choose the template you need and start working on your new masterpiece.

Viewing multiple scores allows "mobile composers" to create compositions for bands, vocal choirs, and even symphony orchestras. Composers can use headphones so no one can hear what they've composed. The quick switching of tempos, scores, and keys is another significant advantage of this program. Various professional messages such as legato or vibrato can be easily added to the work screen.

Should I download MuseScore for iOS?

If you are a user of Apple devices who likes writing music on the go, MuseScore is a reliable solution for you. Effortless music composing and editing is a dream for many amateur composers worldwide. The user-friendly interface lets beginners quickly understand how the app functions and works. All tools are in the right places and can be reached with a single pressing of an icon.

Drag and drop editing makes it much easier to change the position of notes and other symbols on a scoresheet. To begin composing, a user must select a template and the desired instrument. Save your music projects with unique names to create an organized library. MuseScore for iOS is an easy tool that can turn your iPhone or iTab into a portable music studio.

  • Access an extensive collection of sheet music
  • Offline use
  • Library of favorite pieces
  • Slow to respond at times
  • No music playback functionality
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