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Achieve educational and business success with quality presentations

The rapid development of digital technologies has forced many people to rethink their views on the education process and business. That is why presentations are actively used in these spheres. After all, a lecture seems much more interesting for students if the information is presented in a structured way with audiovisual content. And it isn't easy to imagine a business plan description in the office without a presentation.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the most popular application for creating and editing presentations. And we will tell you about it.

What is this program?

Microsoft PowerPoint for iOS is an application for creating, editing, and publishing presentations. The created presentations are synchronized on all your devices, and you can share them with other users. The application contains many features allowing you to create a display of any purpose and level of complexity: an academic project, a business plan, an album with family photos, etc.

Creative freedom

Microsoft PowerPoint for iOS will help you create high-quality presentations with many valuable templates, the list of which is constantly expanding. Create documents that look great on any device, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. The advanced formatting and markup options will help you do this.

All conditions for professional work

The app allows you to present your ideas with various design features, animations, 3D models, and icons. You can save your documents to Microsoft OneDrive or another cloud service to work with them on any device and anytime if you have Internet access. You can also use dark mode to create presentations in low-light conditions.

Joint work on presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint for iOS provides some features for productive collaborations. With this app, you can:

  • Work with any documents, such as academic projects, expense reports, client presentations, or family slideshows, with other users in real-time due to the collaborative editing features;

  • Publish your documents in one click to let co-authors make changes in real-time;

  • Add comments and assign tasks to members of your workgroup to make editing easier and synchronize your efforts.


What’s new

Bug fixes

  • Utilizes Microsoft's intelligent technologies
  • Translation and accessibility checker
  • More than 40 free PowerPoint templates
  • Supports real-time collaboration
  • Requires large memory space
  • Using video clips is quite difficult

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