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Manage your email, calendar, and contacts in one place

Microsoft Outlook is a free email and calendar app that helps you stay connected with your busy lifestyle. Outlook for iOS is a reduced-functionality version of its robust desktop counterpart. With this app, you can easily manage your email, calendar, and contacts in one convenient place. Outlook also includes features that make staying organized and productive easier.


  • Outlook clarifies your email, contacts, and calendar into one application. You will no longer have to switch apps to include an event or look up contact information.

  • The application supports various email services. It even allows you to log in to cloud-based storage services in order to attach documents quickly.

  • Emails are automatically funneled into one inbox or split into multiple inboxes, depending on your preference. This is ideal for people who want to separate their work and personal lives. The inbox is divided into two sections: Focused and Other. Focused collects the most important emails, while less pressing correspondence like promos, social updates, and receipts are stored in the Other tab.

  • The Quick Filter feature allows you to find emails with files quickly, and the search button at the top lets you look for a specific message. You can also flag or unread an email and snooze or archive a message by swiping right or left.

  • The app has a valuable calendar tool: you can select from an Agenda, Day, or Week view to see your upcoming activities. You may accept, decline, or leave a preliminary response for event invites in the way you would do it for the desktop. You can also control which calendars are displayed in the menu.

  • You can filter your email by Flagged, Unread, or searching for emails with attachments in the Quick Filter menu. A search button at the top of the screen may be used to find a specific message. Swiping right to snooze an email is another helpful feature. You can swipe left to archive a message as well.

  • The Compose button at the top of your screen allows you to start a new email, or you can search for a specific contact in the People section. Moreover, Outlook's instant search ensures that results appear as soon as you start typing in a contact's name.

  • Finally, the Files section lets you quickly access your most recently used files from your cloud drives. You can also easily attach these files to messages.


Outlook is lightning fast and a pleasure to use. The desktop version often gets flack for being slow and bloated, but this mobile version is neither of those things. You should download this app if you want easy email access on your iPhone or iPad. It works quickly and smoothly with all of the most popular email services, as well as offers a range of other features to make getting things done fast and simple.

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