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A smart app for managing notes

The modern pace of life is incredibly fast. People always have to rush somewhere and keep various information in their heads. That's why Microsoft created the OneNote application to make it easy to manage data. The program is multiplatform and has a version for iOS. We will tell you about its benefits.

What is this program?

Microsoft OneNote for iOS is an electronic notebook. The information it contains is stored in a structured way to help you get your affairs in order. It stores notes, thoughts, lectures, reference materials, and information from stored web pages. You can also use it to organize your plans. Microsoft OneNote is a great program to store helpful information.

The structure

Microsoft OneNote for iOS allows you to create any number of notebooks. Each of them consists of sections used to separate your notes by topic. You can add new areas using the Plus button. Each section consists of separate pages. If it is necessary to create a deep hierarchy, you can make a group of areas. In addition to the items listed above, OneNote has Margin Notes. These are used for notes that are not a part of any section.

Cloud storage

This application synchronizes and saves data immediately in the cloud. This significant advantage allows you to use this application anywhere and with any device. It can be a personal or office computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. You should install OneDrive and create your account to use the cloud.

Information retention features

  • You can write, draw, and move files in the application;

  • Find photos on the Internet and put them into OneNote without leaving the program;

  • Use the camera to add pictures;

  • Use the microphone to add audio;

  • Use Email to OneNote to put emails and attachments into OneNote;

  • Use Send to OneNote to send the contents of any document from any application into OneNote using the Print menu;

  • Use the Web Clipper to put web pages in your browser into OneNote;

  • Use the OneNote icon on your smartphone to create notes without launching the app, even on a locked screen;

  • Use the Office Lens to take photos of documents and put them into OneNote with cropped margins and aligned perspective;

  • Use the Zapier to create notes automatically from different apps using preset algorithms.

  • Helpful organizing tools
  • Flexible note design
  • Sync and share notes
  • Familiar interface
  • It needs OneDrive for some management feature
  • Limited drag-and-drop
  • Can only share at notebook level
  • No private encryption
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