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Help Batman and his allies save Gotham

LEGO Batman is an action-adventure game set in the DC Universe. The game follows the story of Batman, who must work with his new team to stop villains from taking over Gotham City. The gameplay features puzzle-solving, combat, and exploration elements.

What are the graphics?

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes for iOS has a cartoony art style reminiscent of the other LEGO games. The graphics are colorful, and the environments are well-designed. The game’s cutscenes use full-motion video technology to emulate the look of a comic book.

What is the gameplay?

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes for iOS features a variety of gameplay elements, including exploration, puzzle solving, and combat. The game’s main story follows Batman and his team working to stop villains from taking over Gotham City. Players can also explore the city for hidden items and complete side missions.

Players have a wide variety of moves at their disposal. They can use Batman’s grappling hook to swing across gaps or climb up buildings or Superman’s super strength to break through walls. The game also includes vehicles like the Batmobile and Flash’s motorcycles. Players can switch between characters on the fly for different skill sets.

What are the characters?

The game features various characters from the DC Universe, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Other heroes include Flash, Aquaman, Batgirl, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Penguin, and others. Players can unlock different costumes for each hero as they progress through the game’s story mode. Each character has unique skill sets, including Batgirl’s ability to hack into computers or Aquaman’s water manipulation powers.

Choose your preferable control style

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes for iOS has two control styles: “Classic” and “Touch Screen.” The “Classic” control style is the traditional LEGO Batman gameplay, where players use button presses to perform actions. The “Touch Screen” control style is similar to the “Classic” control style, but it allows players to tap on the screen instead of pressing buttons. The game automatically switches between these two control styles depending on which device you are playing on.


LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes for iOS is a fun game that offers hours of entertainment for fans of the LEGO series and DC comics. The story is exciting and engaging and provides plenty of opportunities for players to explore different characters’ powers and abilities. The graphics are eye-catching, and the music is not annoying. However, some players have complained about the controls being frustratingly imprecise. This can lead to frustrating moments in certain levels where you need to aim your character’s attacks or jumps precisely.

  • Multiple characters
  • Adjustable controls
  • Attractive graphics
  • Paid
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Imprecise controls
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