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Kindle is the software that was created for iOS devices to download and read e-books from Amazon. It is a free application and the only things you need to buy are just digital books. Kindle will give you the ability to read these books at any time just using your iPhone or iPad.

About Kindle

To have a digital book from Amazon there is no need to do numerous steps. Just buy it from Amazon using the link within this application or download a trial chapter. After that, you can start enjoying your book by tapping on the screen and start reading.

Its interface is so simple and attractive, so you will use Kindle only with pleasure. Also, there you can add bookmarks, change the font size, or even alter the color of the text, so you can adjust everything the way you like it. Besides, you can jump to the cover, the table of contents, the beginning, or to a specific location or bookmark, thanks to the 'Go to' icon. Moreover, there is an option to add annotations and highlights to the books.

Key features of a Kindle

To start with, the text size of the book is adjustable, so you can customize it as it will be perfect for you. Also, you can look for the meaning of the words you don't know by using the built-in dictionary if you download the Dictionary first. It offers Wikipedia and Translate options as well. Besides, there is an About This Book section that will help you to learn more about the book you are reading. Moreover, there is a dark and light mode, and you can switch the theme you like to make your reading more comfortable. Important to mention, that you can track your reading progress on Kindle. There is shown what percent of the book you’ve already read, real page numbers, and how much time you have left in the chapter or book based on your actual reading speed. In addition, there are over 1,000 books, magazines, comics, and so on included with Amazon Prime. 


Kindle is the application for iOS devices, which will give you the ability to enjoy the books you've purchased for it on your iPhone or iPad. It is an excellent e-reader app, with its help you can read the books anywhere you desire: on the bus, on the break, or even in your bed


What’s new

Several experience improvements and bug fixes

  • The interface permits clear viewing
  • Change text size and color
  • Add annotations and highlights
  • 'Go to' feature
  • No pinch-to-zoom feature for text

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