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Use a private and fast browser for your smartphone

Brave makes web surfing on iOS two to four times faster, so you'll notice immediately that your device consumes less traffic and can last longer on battery power. Brave speeds up page loading, protect against malicious ads and improves performance.

This Web Browser is a free, fast, and secure web browser for iOS that is battery-saving, optimized for traffic consumption and optimal data handling, and has built-in AdBlock protection against tracking and information threats. Brave protects user privacy with advanced security technologies such as HTTPS Everywhere (traffic encryption), script blocking, and third-party cookies and private tabs for incognito browsing.

A good choice of browser for IOS

For the most part, Brave works like a regular mobile browser. There is also a line for searching for information on the Internet and voice control. You can view the history of your requests or recently visited sites. Make selected tabs so you can quickly return to them later and save precious time. Among the good advantages, the browser optimizes power and traffic. This means your phone will run longer and faster while using Brave.

Brave's main advantage is its built-in blocking capabilities. It blocks ads, pop-ups, third-party cookies, and even scripts. It will also be impossible to track you because anti-tracking and HTTPS are everywhere. Thus, this browser is one of the most confidential.

Other benefits of using Brave

  • Security. Brave protects user privacy with advanced security technologies such as blocking scripts and third-party cookies, HTTPS Everywhere (traffic encryption), and private tabs for incognito browsing.

  • Advertising block. The Brave browser works to give its users a seamless surfing experience by preventing pop-up ads. It's a web browser with an ad blocker.

  • Speed. Thanks to the blocking of advertisements, the small weight of the application, and the low consumption of the Internet connection, this browser works as fast as possible. You won't have to wait long for tabs to open.

Should I download Brave for IOS?

Brave is trying to change the online advertising ecosystem through micropayments and revenue sharing. This solution improves conditions for users and publishers alike, making fast and secure web surfing the key to a bright future for the open Internet.

Developers are constantly adding new features for use. For example, Solana support for creating accounts in Wallet appeared in the last update. It was also possible to switch networks and send transactions. Small applicable changes include improvements to the URL bar's font size and an update to the VPN system.


What’s new

Made some font size improvements for the URL bar.

Within the Wallet, we added Solana support for account creation, network switching, and sending transactions.

Made some updates to our VPN.

  • Faster browsing speed
  • User privacy is secured
  • Blocks ads and tracker
  • Some keyboard shortcuts do not work on Brave
  • No other unique features

More info

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