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A true paradise for music lovers

You need music everywhere: at home, at work, for a jog or a walk. Music is like air for music lovers, and there are no people who can live without it. When push-button phones stored only three or four installed songs, users bought MP3 players. Now it's just nostalgia because millions of tracks are available on streaming services, and Apple Music for iOS is one of them. We will tell you about it.

A large music library

Apple Music for iOS allows you to listen to almost all existing artists. In the search, you can find any track, any musician, and all their songs divided into albums and years of release, with their unique album covers. Metadata is added to each song to see detailed information about any track on iTunes.

Music selections

The service also has various selections, adjusted to your taste automatically. The system lets you choose your favorite artists, genres, and styles, and then the artificial intelligence selects the perfect songs for you based on your preferences. The selection algorithm is being improved constantly and integrated with other Apple technologies. For example, Siri can help you choose great music from any time and genre.

Offline listening

Apple Music for iOS allows you to download any song to your device and listen to them offline. It is very convenient if you don't have access to the Internet and still want to listen to music. You can also download tracks from your smartphone. Another exciting feature of the service is its integration with Shazam. After Apple bought the service, it became possible to find out what song is playing at the moment, add it to Apple Music, and listen to it in high quality. There are also different playlists with essential tracks.

Editing your playlist

As a rule, listening to music and saving it are the basic functions of all music services. But Apple Music goes beyond that. You can do much more with your playlist. You can change the order of tracks by dragging them up and down and highlighting songs in different colors. It is also possible to change the information about your favorite songs.

Free trial period

One of the advantages of Apple Music is the free trial version to try out the platform first before getting an official music subscription. The free trial period lasts for three months, and it's enough to explore all the pros and cons of the service and decide about further use.

  • Lots of features
  • Cross-platform service
  • Large media library
  • No free subscription
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