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Improve your deduction skills or learn to be an inconspicuous killer

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a cross-platform online game for several players. According to the plot of the mafia, Among Us offers to try yourself as a detective or criminal in a game environment. The main characters are little colorful astronauts. This is a survival game where teammates have to complete tasks and vote for an impostor. The imposter, in turn, can use sabotage to kill and win. The game became popular due to the spread of fan art and memes on the game's plot on social networks. The simple gameplay attracted even those who were far from technology.

The essence of the game

The events unfold on a spaceship. Everyone tries to find out who the traitor is and kills others on the ship to win. On the other hand, the imposter also wants to win, so he kills other staff. Each peaceful player moves from one room to another and performs the tasks set by the game. At this time, the imposter is looking for his victim. If he kills her - teammates can convene an emergency meeting to discuss their proposals on who could be a traitor and remove the suspicious player. Sometimes the wrong player is released.

Dead teammates turn into ghosts and watch the rest of the game without their participation.

Is it easy to play among us?

The game is straightforward and is based on basic controls such as jumping forward, backward, right, and left. Once downloaded, you can start playing instantly without long and tedious registrations. Everything is as fast as possible, and even one skating rink can take from 10 to 15 minutes.

Graphics and unique character settings

As you can see, the game is made in a minimalist cartoon 2D style. The sound effects are also as simple as possible and create an atmosphere of suspicion. This is one of the most wonderful uniqueness of this game because it is very far from the real world and captures you in an amazing universe. You can change the color of your character's skin, add an accessory or get him a pet. Make the character as beautiful or funny as you want. There are also stickers and random silly items for even more atmosphere. Recently, there are also themed things to show off to your friends. They can be purchased or unlocked for free for specific achievements.

Is it worth downloading Among Us on IOS?

If you are looking for a fun game for wasting time or partying with friends, then it is worth it. It's elementary in its mechanics, but it doesn't get any worse. In addition, Among Us continues to update and add newer and more interesting roles. Play the role of a scientist, engineer, guardian angel, or a more pumped-up version of the impostor. You can customize all the roles to your liking, thus making the game individual for you.

  • Fun and easy to play
  • Offers cross-platform support
  • It comes with basic graphics
  • Features an in-game chat option.
  • Finding a match takes time.

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