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Make your photos professional and attractive wherever you are

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free and easy mobile application for editing your photos from the world-famous company Adobe. You can edit photos quickly wherever you are. Thanks to it, you will be able to edit colors in pictures as you like. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or not because the functionality is much simpler than Photoshop. If you do not understand any feature - you have a collection of mini-instructions from Adobe.

Ability to edit photos

With Lightroom, you can first make the photo's basic lighting settings and white balance. This will help when the photo turns out too light or dark. If you have a sloping horizon - you can fix it in the application and crop the picture at the same time. A unique advantage is the ability to work with color because you can set individual parameters for each shade in the image and edit the saturation and brightness. If you are a professional in curves, then you can use this tool for advanced editing. Compare the finished result with the initial one with the Before / After tool and compare different treatment versions to choose the best option.

Presets for quick and easy editing

If you really like the result of processing from one photo - you can transfer it to another, thanks to the preset tool. This way, you can quickly process many similar images or create content in one style. If you're new to this, Lightroom offers auto-tuning, a library of accessible presets, and over 150 premium presets from photographers. If that's not enough for you, discover more than a hundred thousand presets created by other users in the Lightroom community. There you will find a lot of interesting presets and choose the one you like best.

The biggest plus - you can slightly change the preset settings for each photo separately for best results. This is really useful because each photo is exceptional, and the lighting is very different.

Camera with settings

Take photos at once in the application with a unique grid, so your horizon is flat. You can also instantly enhance your image with one touch with Lightroom auto. If you are looking for more professional solutions - adjust the settings manually using the sliders. In addition, there is also a timer and other standard camera features.

Should I download Lightroom on IOS?

If you are a real fan of high-quality photos, blogger, or photographer - Lightroom on AIOS will come in handy when you can't edit photos on your computer. This is more of an urgent and amateur solution because there are far fewer features than in the PC version. Instead, the application is free to use, fast, and always at hand. It's definitely worth a try and used if you need a mobile photo editor.

  • Easy to use
  • Instructions for each of the many settings
  • Ability to take photos immediately with the settings
  • Safe
  • With good support
  • Ability to create presets for future use
  • Account synchronization
  • Some reasonable features are missing
  • It can be problematic on a small screen

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