QCOW2file extension

QEMU Copy On Write Version 2 Disk Image
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Have trouble opening the .qcow2 extension? Don't panic! This page explains qcow2 files and suggests programs you may use to open qcow2 files. You can download these programs through this page!


What is QCOW2 file?

QCOW2 files are disk images used with virtual machines run by the QEMU application. They hold compressed data and can be mounted on various operating systems.

Additional information

QEMU is an open-source processor emulator used to launch different operating systems, test software, etc. When creating a virtual machine, users should mount a disk image which QEMU will use as a hard drive for the guest machine. QCOW2 files are saved in the second version of QEMU's Copy on Write disk image format.

One of the second version's benefits is better compression meaning that more disk space can be saved. This makes QCOW2 files ideal for use with virtual machines, as they take up less disk space and can be easily moved around. QCOW2 files can be opened and worked with using the QEMU application or other apps supporting the format. Some specific conversion tools can convert QCOW2 to other formats.


How to open QCOW2 file?

Here are some universal methods of opening a file. Please, use this list of solutions.

Method 1: Correctly fix file association error

By following these steps, the user will be able to fix the qcow2 extension association problem in an instant automatically:

Step 1: Click the "Download Solution" button to download the automatic tool from Appsitory.

Step 2: Now click "Start Scan" to find out all potential problems.

Step 3: Review the resulting scan and click the "Fix Items" option.

Method 2: Download apps that open the qcow2 file

Here is a list of the presented programs that you should use to open/convert the qcow2 file. You can choose the right program for your OS and click on it to start the download. You can also visit the developer's website.

Apps that open QCOW2 files


Method 3: Use Universal File Viewer

The recommended use of Universal File Viewer, a tool for opening over 250 file extensions, complements the list of programs above. This utility is capable of opening your qcow2 file. Download Universal File Viewer to your OS quickly and securely.