Bfile extension

Brainf*ck Source Code File
By Urban Müller

Have trouble opening the .b extension? Don't panic! This page explains b files and suggests programs you may use to open b files. You can download these programs through this page!


What is B file?

A B File is a text file that contains code written in the Brainf*ck programming language. This code can be executed by a Brainf*ck interpreter, who will read the code and complete the instructions.

More information

The Brainf*ck programming language is highly minimalist, consisting of only eight commands that are each represented by a single character:

> < + - , . [ ]

These commands are used to manipulate a data storage area. Though this programming language is not widely used, it is still popular among some programmers for its structure. When they create Brainf*ck applications, they use the B format to save their work. The BF extension is one more format for saving Brainf*ck source code.

Because a B file contains textual data, you can open it using a text editor. But if you want to run an application, it contains, you have to use a Brainf*ck interpreter.


How to open B file?

Here are some universal methods of opening a file. Please, use this list of solutions.

Method 1: Correctly fix file association error

By following these steps, the user will be able to fix the b extension association problem in an instant automatically:

Step 1: Click the "Download Solution" button to download the automatic tool from Appsitory.

Step 2: Now click "Start Scan" to find out all potential problems.

Step 3: Review the resulting scan and click the "Fix Items" option.

Method 2: Download apps that open the b file

Here is a list of the presented programs that you should use to open/convert the b file. You can choose the right program for your OS and click on it to start the download. You can also visit the developer's website.

Apps that open B files

Method 3: Use Universal File Viewer

The recommended use of Universal File Viewer, a tool for opening over 250 file extensions, complements the list of programs above. This utility is capable of opening your b file. Download Universal File Viewer to your OS quickly and securely.