uTorrent Stuck on Connecting to Peers: proven methods to fix the problem

Thomas Lucero
2 years ago
uTorrent Stuck on Connecting to Peers

An annoying problem that uTorrent users often experience is connection-related. The uTorrent client gets stuck in its work, and the “connecting to peers” error appears. The BitTorrent client tries to connect to other BitTorrent users but fails. uTorrent not connecting to peers error indicates a user is having trouble downloading the torrent.

There are several reasons why this error is starting to occur. Sometimes the problem is associated with the client and Internet connection, but the malfunction often points to the torrent file itself. We know how to solve this error, so use our proven guide!

Method 1: Check your firewall and enable port mapping

uTorrent may not connect to your peers because your system firewall or network is the problem. uTorrent needs open network ports for incoming and outgoing traffic to work correctly. If the ports for uTorrent are blocked, you will not be able to download and share your torrent file.

We suggest that you get around this problem by redirecting the ports. You can set up port forwarding to forward traffic to BitTorrent ports through your PC, allowing uTorrent to establish a stable connection.

Does your network router have an automatic port forwarding option (UPnP and NAT PMP)? Then uTorrent can apply these to bypass firewall restrictions by auto-connecting PCs to downloaders.

Check this setting: 

  1. Open the uTorrent client – click Options – Preferences.
  2. Then, ensure that Enable UPnP port mapping and Enable NAT-PMP port mapping are checked.
Enable NAT-PMP port
  1. Also, make sure that Enable Windows Firewall Exception is checked.

Method 2: Starting a Test of uTorrent Settings

If uTorrent is blocking a peer-to-peer connection, there is a problem with your network configuration. There is a configuration guide to help the uTorrent client to support the network tune uTorrent to its optimal settings.

To run the uTorrent configuration guide, run the following commands:

  1. Open the uTorrent client – click Functions – Setup guide.
  2. In this section, make sure the Network and Bandwidth checkboxes are enabled.
Network and Bandwidth checkboxes
  1. Now select the server closest to you from the Bandwidth menu.
  2. Click Run Tests.
  3. This will launch the uTorrent configuration guide.
Save and Close
  1. When finished, click Save and Close.

Method 3: Hiding uTorrent traffic

Internet service providers block BitTorrent and restrict users who want to download or upload files. It is better to hide BitTorrent traffic by encrypting the BitTorrent protocol in uTorrent.

The technical part of uTorrent does not encrypt traffic, which helps bypass the type of traffic shaping from ISPs that apply automatic termination of BitTorrent file sharing.

Turn on BitTorrent encryption in uTorrent:

  1. Click Options – Preferences in uTorrent.
  2. Go to the BitTorrent tab – in the drop-down menu, and Protocol Encryption should be Enabled.
Hiding uTorrent traffic
  1. Click OK.

Method 4: Trying Another BitTorrent Client

uTorrent is an integral part of the BitTorrent business. If uTorrent cannot connect to your peers, you need to learn about alternative BitTorrent clients and try to solve the problem with the software. We advise you to try qBittorrent for PC or mobile Flud torrent. 

If uTorrent does not establish a connection, your Internet connection or configuration may be the problem. However, when uTorrent itself is blocked, it is better to try applying an alternative client to solve the problem.

Method 5: Use a compatible VPN

A reliable VPN allows you to bypass network throttles with censored blocks. A VPN is a service that will enable you to hide a user’s IP address by encrypting their data and making online activity anonymous. It turns out that the network the user is connected to does not determine which site is being visited, so nothing interferes with browsing.


When your uTorrent is stuck on the “connect to peers” error, the fixes we’ve listed will help solve the problem and get your torrent client up and running. However, BitTorrent is not just about downloading files. If you have a big enough file to share, you might consider creating your torrent file to distribute to your audience.

Don’t forget about your computer’s security when using uTorrent, especially if you download torrent files from sources you don’t fully trust. To reduce your risks, regularly scan your Windows PC for malware.