Top Web Browsers for Roku Devices 

Thomas Lucero
2 years ago

Here are the best versions of web browsers that work best for Roku devices. In addition, the article presents options to improve Roku’s experience with popular web browsers.

Streaming on Roku was launched in 2008. Today, programs are available for viewing, but the platform has shortcomings.

Does Roku have a web browser?

No dedicated Roku web browser is precisely designed and programmed for all devices. Unfortunately, Roku does not change and does not officially introduce browsers.

The platform offers Internet browsers that are in their official channel store. However, they too have limitations and a few basic features designed for browsing the Internet via Roku.

Roku and the Top 5 Web Browsers

The best browser for Roku options are here:


With Xfinity, there are many videos, music, websites, and other content available online that you want to watch. What sets Xfinity apart is its streamlined interface, which makes it easier to adapt to the platform. The entertainment service updates music selections of different genres regularly.

The platform gives many users a hard time because it offers its entire collection of online content in one place. The service costs a minimum of $49.99 and a maximum of $89.49 for the month.

Web Video Caster

Web Video Caster can be considered the most accessible browser, providing the ability to watch TV shows, connect to live TV shows and spend time on Web sites. The main differentiator of the app is its seamless connection to Roku Tv for free.

Web Video Caster also has a premium version, connecting to which you can customize your home page, see video stories, create bookmarks, and all without ads! The premium version is priced at $4.99 for the month.

Web Browser X

Many users call Web Browser X the best solution for Roku, but it lacks a modern interface. Web Browser X, the Roku internet browser, works fine, but it still has problems formatting complex pages. 

Web page navigation uses the left and right buttons on the remote control to follow links on the page. The big problem is that the browser doesn’t play videos or fill out Web forms, such as name and password fields.

The standard version of the app is priced at $4.99 for the month, which causes discrepancies between different national stores.

Media Browser

The application has a simplified interface and a necessary set of features. Media Browser does not slow down, providing high-quality content. Alas, the browser does not provide a video playback feature. It is free.


It is a modern browser among Roku users. Poprism is a text-only application. It is the only Roku internet browser that differs from the others with its narrow action profile.

Without many of the main features, POPRISM is free, and because of that, the web browser is popular in the official Roku store.

Alternative way 

All of the listed web browsers work well, but some do not have the minimum set of features. For a better browsing experience on Roku devices, use screen mirroring. How to do it on a Windows system:

  1. On Windows, click on the browser in the bottom right corner – open “Action Center.”
  2. Look at the “connect” option and connect to it.
  3. It would be best if you allowed Windows to scan to connect to the Roku device.  
  4. The Roku device will be given the option to connect – you must agree.


To avoid problems with Roku, just buy a streaming subscription service that has web browser support.

Are you planning to use Roku? Then it would be best if you had the right web browser for browsing on your Roku device.