TOP Free Screen Mirroring Apps (Android and iPhone) in 2023

Gabriela Haynes
2 years ago

Screen mirroring technology allows you to reflect content from your smartphone, tablet, or PC screen on another device. 

This technology allows users to solve their daily tasks, getting a comprehensive view without directly accessing the device. Mirroring is used to play games, watch movies, participate in video conferences, and more. 

Some of the featured apps that do screen mirroring on your phone have easy connectivity to other devices.

Choose your screen mirroring app for Android and iPhone devices. Professional use of apps, for example, consists of reflecting presentations on the user’s devices or other devices for the audience. Don’t use the old method of setting up a projector because you have one of these streaming apps at your fingertips.

Mirroring 360

Mirroring 360 for screen mirroring is available on Android and iPhone devices. You can use some of the best features to broadcast your screen to other devices. The Mirroring 360 software, installed on your computer, is required for the app to work correctly. The license for the app is priced at $15.


  1. The receiver app allows you to connect to Amazon Fire TV stick and Fire TV stick.
  2. Using Apple TV with iPhone.
  3. Android devices with 5.0+ version support.
  4. iPhone devices with iOS 9+ version support.

AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect is a great screen mirroring app for iPhone devices only. The only limitation is the audio, which is not supported by AirServer Connect from either Android or iPhone for screen mirroring. The best feature in the app is the synchronous screen mirroring of your phone screen to multiple devices.


  1. Airplay on multiple devices.
  2. QR code scanner.
  3. Good picture quality.

Screen Mirroring – TV Cast

The program from LQL Studio is an excellent solution for mirroring the screen of your iPhone on the TV screen. The best features of the application – no need to install additional software on the Smart TV and the work of two devices via Wi-Fi connection is perfect.


  1. Smart TV, Roku, LG, Samsung.
  2. One-click start/stop.
  3. Cast YouTube and Vimeo.

VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer has been called the best screen mirroring app for Android and iPhone devices because it connects to operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. To use the application, you must have a VNC server installed on your PC.


  1. Cloud services are a source for connecting other remote devices.
  2. Back up each connection to a VNS account.
  3. Virtual keyboard.
  4. Support for a mouse with a Bluetooth keyboard.


The LetsView screen mirroring application can connect a large number of users. The app has some great features for Android and iPhone devices.


  1. Records iPhone screen.
  2. One-click iPhone screen recording.
  3. Wirelessly share information using Whiteboard.


ApowerMirror is a bright screen mirroring application for Android and iPhone devices. The app is available for Windows, Mac, and high definition TVs.


  1. Easy to use.
  2. Perfect for Powerpoint presentations and PDF files.
  3. Suitable for live streaming to your TV/computer screen.
  4. You can use your camera.


AnyDesk is a unique way to show the best quality pictures. Installing the application for screen mirroring is available in Android and iPhone devices. The user will get a unique code that must be confirmed with a different device.


  1. Quick operation of the application.
  2. You can use remote devices.
  3. The simplicity of the app.
  4. Free for personal use.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Google’s app is available for screen mirroring from your phone, and the user’s desktop has remote access to a smartphone that can be used for screen reflecting.


  1. No additional software on your computer.
  2. Secure communication with Android or iPhone.
  3. PIN-based device authentication.


SecondScreen is a good option on Android. The app allows you to use it to connect to the big screen.


  1. Adjust the screen resolution.
  2. Options for different profiles.
  3. Shortcuts for navigation.


The best screen mirroring app is easy to use and quick-to-connect software. After looking at our recommendations, choose an owl app to mirror your smartphone’s screen. We hope this material will help determine the best screen mirroring apps for your phone.