Top Android games of all time

Gabriela Haynes
1 year ago

If you love playing video games, then chances are you have an Android device at home. There are a variety of different games to choose from for your Android device, so it can be hard to decide which one to try out first. To help make your decision easier, we’ve compiled a list of the top Android games of all time.

Table of content

  1. Monument Valley 2
  2. Alto’s Adventure
  3. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  4. Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  5. Plants vs Zombies 2
  6. Shadowgun Deadzone
  7. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  8. Hungry Shark World
  9. Fruit Ninja
  10. Badland
  11. In conclusion

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is an award-winning game for Android that takes you on an adventure through a stunning world of optical illusions and impossible geometry. You’ll guide the mother and daughter duo, Ro and Crow, as they explore beautiful monuments, hidden paths, and complex puzzles.

In this game, you must use your ingenuity to find solutions to the unique challenges presented by each level. Along the way, you will uncover captivating stories about Ro’s journey of self-discovery as she learns to overcome obstacles both physical and emotional. Mesmerizing visuals and engaging story in Monument Valley 2 are a truly unforgettable experience.

The game has been praised for its simple controls which make it easy to navigate through its many levels. The vibrant graphics and clever puzzles will keep you coming back for more. The game also features a soundtrack composed by award-winning composer, Stafford Bawler, which adds an extra layer of beauty and emotion to the experience. With all these elements combined, Monument Valley 2 is one of the most acclaimed games for Android devices and a must-play for any fan of puzzle games.

Visually stunning adventures in Monument Valley 2 will challenge your creativity as you explore its beautiful monuments and solve its intricate puzzles.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure for Android is an endless snowboarding game with plenty of tricks and secrets to uncover. It features stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and a non-stop challenge for even the most seasoned gamers. Players take control of Alto, a young snowboarder who embarks on a journey through the mountains, dodging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. The game allows players to customize their snowboard with different colors and designs, giving them ultimate control over how they want to play.

As you progress through each level, you’ll encounter new challenges, such as tight turns or hidden jump ramps, that will keep your adrenaline pumping. With its friendly soundtrack and beautiful aesthetics, Alto’s Adventure for Android provides hours of fun for both novice and experienced gamers alike.  

Also, Alto’s Adventure for Android comes with a number of exciting features, such as an endless mode that allows you to compete against friends or continue the challenge after completing the main game. There are also collectible items to be found in each level which provide even more replayability.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne for Android offers players a thrilling racing experience, no matter where they are. With over 200 cars to choose from, exciting graphics and physics, and 120 tracks in 16 different settings, Asphalt 8: Airborne gives players the opportunity to race around the world and beyond.

The game also features race types, such as Drift Gate and Infected, allowing gamers to experience adrenaline-pumping action with their friends or while competing against AI opponents. With regular updates, new content is added frequently so that players never run out of fun things to do. Whether you’re looking for fast-paced excitement or just want to cruise around town, Asphalt 8: Airborne provides hours of entertainment on your Android device.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Android is a must-have game for gamers of all ages. This version of the popular sandbox game lets users experience the same world-building and survival gameplay as the original PC title, but with some exciting new features that enhance the mobile gaming experience. Players can build anything they imagine using blocks and tools, explore randomly generated worlds filled with amazing creatures and landscapes, battle monsters, and craft weapons and tools to survive in a dangerous environment.

The game also allows players to connect with each other so they can share their adventures or collaborate on building projects together. With its intuitive touch controls, stunning visuals, and endless possibilities for exploration, Minecraft: Pocket Edition offers an immersive gaming experience that’s sure to keep you entertained.

You can also join servers with thousands of players from around the world, enjoy cross-platform play between PC and mobile versions, customize your character with skins and textures packs, chat with friends using integrated voice chat, build in augmented reality using Google Tango technology on compatible devices, compete in mini-games like Battle Mode and Capture the Flag, and much more.

Plants vs Zombies 2

Plants vs Zombies 2 is an exciting tower defense game where you must defend your home from an onslaught of zombies. You do this by planting various plants with different abilities that can attack and defeat the invading undead. The game features over 300 levels in 7 different worlds, each with its own unique set of zombies, plants, obstacles and puzzles to overcome.

The graphics are vibrant and colorful, with a whimsical style that captures the spirit of the franchise perfectly. Plus, the controls are easy to use and intuitive for both casual gamers and experienced players alike. If you’re looking for something to keep you entertained on long commutes or just want to indulge in some goofy fun, Plants vs Zombies 2 is an excellent choice.

Shadowgun Deadzone

Shadowgun Deadzone for Android is an intense third-person shooter game that will test your skills and reflexes like no other. It pits you against hordes of enemies in a variety of environments, from closed-in corridor battles to massive open arenas filled with cover points and secrets.

You’ll be armed with a huge arsenal of powerful weapons, ranging from classic firearms like rifles, shotguns and pistols to devastating futuristic armaments, such as energy cannons and plasma guns. Intuitive controls, smooth animations, and explosive effects make this Android game intense and thrilling.

In addition to its robust single player campaign mode, Shadowgun Deadzone also offers exciting multiplayer battles where up to 12 players can battle it out in six different maps. You can also join forces with your friends by forming clans and take on other players or even enemy AI enemies in co-op mode.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android is an open-world action-adventure game set in the early 90s. Players take control of protagonist Carl Johnson as he traverses the fictional state of San Andreas, exploring its cities, engaging in criminal activities and completing missions to progress through the story. This version for Android offers a range of graphical improvements and enhancements, including improved draw distance and resolutions over the original console releases. It also features cloud saves, controller support, various bug fixes and more.

Due to dozens of hours of content to explore and hundreds of mini-missions to complete, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Android is sure to keep players entertained with its expansive world and thrilling game play.

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World for Android is an exciting and thrilling game that puts you in the role of a dangerous shark. You’ll have to explore the depths of the ocean, battle ferocious enemies, and hunt smaller prey in order to survive.

As you explore the ocean, you’ll encounter all sorts of danger from other creatures such as jellyfish and octopuses who will try to stop your progress. But these creatures aren’t your only enemies; there are also larger sharks that can take quite a bit out of your health bar if you don’t watch out. You’ll need to make sure you stay aware of your surroundings and use the environment to your advantage in order to survive.

The game offers a variety of different sharks that range from small Hammerheads to massive Great Whites. Each shark comes with its own set of abilities, so you can customize your play style depending on which one you choose. There is also an extensive upgrade system that allows you to upgrade your shark’s stats as well as unlock new skins and accessories for them.

In addition to exploring the ocean depths, Hungry Shark World also features numerous missions that give players additional goals and rewards. These missions can range from rescuing hostages or finding sunken treasure, so they provide plenty of variety to keep things interesting. The game also includes an online leaderboard where you can compare your high scores with other players.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja for Android is an addictive and quick-paced game that puts your slicing skills to the test. Players take control of a ninja armed with a deadly sword and must use it to slice through an endless stream of colorful fruits. With multiple levels, bonus modes, and power-ups, Fruit Ninja for Android will keep players engaged for hours on end. The intuitive controls are easy enough to pick up quickly, while the challenging levels will appeal to experienced gamers alike. Fruit Ninja for Android can be a casual way to pass the time or a great opportunity to test yourself against some seriously tough opponents.


Badland for Android is a side-scrolling action-adventure game developed by Frogmind. It was released in 2013, and has since become one of the most popular mobile games on the market. The goal of Badland is to control a mysterious creature through different levels filled with traps and obstacles. Players must help the creature survive dangerous environments and reach its ultimate destination. 

The game features stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and an intense soundtrack that bring the world of Badland to life. There are more than 100 levels divided into four distinct lands — each land presents unique puzzles and obstacles that require players to think strategically in order to solve them. Players can also team up with their friends or compete against each other in local multiplayer mode. 

Badland is a truly unique gaming experience that combines intense action with creative puzzles and exploration. It’s perfect for both casual gamers and hardcore players who are looking for a challenge.

In conclusion

When it comes to Android gaming, there are countless titles out there that can provide hours of entertainment. However, some stand out for their quality and innovative gameplay. From puzzle games to action-adventure titles, here are the top Android games of all time.