Top 4 Korean torrent sites for 2023

Gabriela Haynes
2 years ago
Top 4 Korean torrent sites for 2022

Korea is rapidly developing its film and TV industry, but it’s not easy to find Korean movies on the Internet. The situation changes if you know where to look.

We want to say that users should remember that it is better to download content from torrents undercover. A reliable VPN service, which hides the IP address, encrypts the traffic, and is not blocked by the provider, can be such a cover. (formerly

Dramacool is a site users use to download Korean dramas, shows, etc. The site is popular with many users because new episodes of their favorite TV shows are often released here.

Most of the shows are accompanied by English subtitles. Also, a big plus is the lack of advertising. The design of the site is simple and very convenient.



Tcafe is considered a significant site among the famous torrents in Korea. Users recommend using Tcafe with a reliable VPN service.

Register on the site for free and get your hands on thousands of Korean movies. The visuals are cluttered, and images with text are close together, but the variety of content here is excellent.



KissAsian doesn’t just distribute Korean content. And it also distributes movies and shows from the rest of Asia.

The site has a pretty nice design and easy navigation. You won’t find any annoying pop-ups or ads, and everything here is translated into English.

KissAsian is not entirely a torrent site, but you can also watch movies directly.

New Asian TV

New Asian TV

You can find not only Korean movies on this site. Many dramas, movies, and shows can be found precisely on New Asian TV. Also, much of the content is subtitled in English.

The design of the site looks neat with few ads and pop-ups. Watch movies by category and search however you like.

Getting access to New Asian TV is difficult, so we recommend using a trusted VPN.


Keep in mind that by using torrents, there is a danger of getting some risk related to piracy. We recommend finding a reliable VPN service to keep your privacy in torrents. After that, grab and enjoy the best Korean content from cool torrents 2022!