The TOP Instagram usernames – How to Choose One

John Smith
1 year ago
The TOP Instagram usernames for all. Tips & Examples

When you create an Instagram account, one of the most important steps is choosing a good username. Your username will be how other users identify you and it’s a great way to make your profile unique and stand out from the crowd. However, coming up with a creative and memorable username can be challenging. Here are some tips for finding the perfect Instagram username.

Table of content

  1. Why your Instagram username is important
  2. How To Choose The Perfect Instagram Username
  3. Avoid Using Extra Characters
  4. Instagram Username Ideas
  5. Business Instagram Names
  6. Fandom Instagram Names
  7. Funny Instagram Names
  8. Lyric Instagram Names
  9. Cute Instagram Names
  10. Book Instagram Names
  11. Cool Instagram Names
  12. Instagram Usernames For Girls
  13. Instagram Usernames For Boys
  14. Instagram Usernames For Animals
  15. In conclusion

Why your Instagram username is important

Your Instagram username is one of the first things that people will see when they visit your profile, so it’s important to make a good impression. While it might seem like an insignificant detail, choosing the right username can actually have a huge impact on your success on the platform. Not only will it help you stand out from the crowd and be more easily found, but it can also help you appear more professional and credible.

A creative, unique username will make you look like a serious content creator and encourage people to follow your profile. Moreover, having a consistent username across different social media platforms will ensure that people are able to easily find and connect with all of your accounts. All of this translates into better engagement on your posts and higher chances of success for the overall growth of your account. Therefore, choosing a great Instagram username is one of the key steps in creating an effective presence on the platform.

Why your Instagram username is important

It’s essential to think carefully when selecting a username, as it should reflect your brand or creative vision while being distinct enough so that people can remember who you are. With hundreds of millions of users on Instagram, it’s important to differentiate yourself from the rest. To craft a great username, you should take into consideration your target audience, focus keywords, and any possible puns or wordplay that could make it memorable.

Make sure to also avoid anything too generic or common, as this will make it harder for people to find you in search results.

How To Choose The Perfect Instagram Username?

Once you’ve thought of a few potential usernames, it’s time to decide which one works best for you. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect Instagram username:

  1. Keep it short and sweet. Your Instagram username should be as short and sweet as possible; ideally no more than 10 characters long so that it’s easy to remember and quick to type or search for. 
  2. Avoid using numbers or special characters. You should avoid using numbers and special characters in your username unless they are necessary or relevant (for example, if your business name has a number). This is because it may not look professional and can make your profile difficult to find and share with others. 
  3. Brainstorm relevant keywords. Brainstorm a few relevant keywords that describe your content and profile. This will help you come up with some potential usernames that are related to what your account is about, which will make it easier for people to find you when searching or sharing your profile. 
  4. Check availability. Once you have a list of potential usernames, make sure to check their availability on Instagram before settling on one. You can use the search bar at the top of the page to see if any of them are already taken or unavailable. 
  5. Be mindful of your branding. Finally, be mindful of how your username might reflect your brand or business. If you’re using Instagram for business purposes, you’ll want your username to be easily recognizable and associated with your brand.

Avoid Using Extra Characters

When choosing a username for your Instagram profile, it’s best to avoid using any extra characters. This includes symbols like hashtags (#), punctuation marks (!-&), and special characters (™). These additional characters can be distracting and difficult to remember. They also take up valuable space in usernames that should be used to effectively communicate who you are. For businesses, this can mean having a memorable name that customers will recognize when coming across your profile on the platform. 

The same rule applies if you’re trying to make an impression with creative words or phrases – keep it simple! A good username should always be easy to spell out, pronounce, and remember. It should also relate back to your brand or business in some way, whether that’s by incorporating your company name, a product or service you offer, or an industry keyword. This will make it easier for people to find you on Instagram and increase the chances of them following you. 

How To Choose The Perfect Instagram Username?

When creating a username, always use common-sense and stay away from adding too many characters to your profile. If someone can’t remember your exact username with ease, they may pass up the opportunity to follow you on Instagram – making it difficult for your brand or business to grow its presence on the platform. To ensure potential followers recognize and understand your username quickly, stick with straightforward words without any extra characters. A good username should be memorable yet still effective in communicating who you are. 

When creating a username for your Instagram profile, it is important to keep it simple and avoid using any extra characters like punctuation marks or symbols. Adding too much text to your user name can also be confusing and difficult for potential followers to remember, so try to limit the words in your username as much as possible. It’s best to use words that are easy to pronounce, spell out, and relate back to your brand or business in some way. This will make it easier for people to find you on Instagram and increase the chances of them following you.

Instagram username ideas

  • Use words at the beginning like “miss”, “mr”, “ms” @mr_andrew
  • @theofficial_yourName
  • @yourname_official
  • @yourname_day
  • @yourname_life
  • @yourname_describe your life (like @elsas_wholesomelife)
  • @yourname_
  • @_yourname_
  • @your_name
  • @yourname_in_photos
  • @diary.of.yourname
  • @yourname_thefoodie (add a descriptive word so people can find you – like “blogger”, “makeup”, “art”, “candle”, “organic”, “fitness”, etc…)
  • @fitness_yourname (add a word that describes what your account is about, like “fitness”)
  • @yourName_and_rose (like @mintandrose)
  • @yourName_blog (like
  • @just_yourName (like @just_sarah)
  • @hello_yourName (like @hello_sarah)
  • @only_yourName
  • @everyday_yourName

Business Instagram Names

  • @businessName.candles
  • @businessName_candles
  • @candles_with_businessName
  • @your_businessName
  • @my_businessName
  • @its_businessName
  • @theBusinessName
  • @the.BusinessName
  • @official_businessName
  • @theofficial_businessName
  • @theonly_businessName
  • @businessName_official
  • @original_BusinessName

Fandom Instagram Names

  • @tomnooksatm
  • @dinklebergskeptic
  • @harleysjoker
  • @shamilafan
  • @hogwartssortinghat
  • @lovebydaylight
  • @honorarycrystalgem
  • @rivervixen
  • @bugheadlover
  • @southsideserpent
  • @geminitwin
  • @mysticfallstimberwolves
  • @harrystyleslover
  • @jobrofan
  • @selena.fandom
  • @teamedwardforever
  • @endoftheline
  • @waywardsisters
  • @caosfan
  • @nickbrinashipper
  • @cmbynmonet 
  • @pogue4life
  • @theumbrellacadamey
  • @THEA.R.M.Y
  • @avatards
  • @wizardsandweirdos
  • @blink
  • @thegleek
  • @barbznation

Funny Instagram Names

  • @pantsareforsquares
  • @justgoogleit
  • @kingofdairyqueen
  • @thisismyusername
  • @volunteerfanbase
  • @somethingfunny
  • @eatmoartacos
  • @burritosarecool
  • @sidewalkenforcer
  • @proeyeroller
  • @coffeeconnoisseur
  • @naptimesensei
  • @doyouevenlift
  • @justonemoreepisode
  • @leftshark
  • @girlwithnojob
  • @boywithnojob
  • @_Eavesdropper
  • @kanyedoingthings
  • @textsfromyourex
  • @sheratesdogs
  • @dontmindme
  • @tellmeiamfunny
  • @youngdumbandbroke
  • @justmylife 
  • @idonthaveaninstagram 
  • @not_your_class_clown
  • @crazycatlady 
  • @cheeseymoments
  • @alwaysmoody
  • @followme
  • @anonymouse
  • @manwithaplan
  • @nooneishome 
  • @keepitweird
  • @hellofromtheotherside
  • @fast_and_the_curious.
  • @averagestudent

Lyric Instagram Names

  • @litlikeamatch
  • @igotabadidea
  • @alwaysmakeart
  • @dusktildawn
  • @coolforthesummer
  • @hereinthegarden
  • @apocketfullofsunshine
  • @sugarweregoingdown
  • @littlesecret
  • @comewhatmay
  • @andherewegoagain
  • @foreverandalways
  • @enchantedtomeetyou
  • @callmemaybe
  • @thankunext
  • @havanaohnahnah
  • @thelastoftherealones
  • @lookatthestars
  • @everythingwasblue
  • @justthewayyouare
  • @lakeeffectkid
  • @cranesinthesky
  • @discoman
  • @treatpeoplewithkindness
  • @newrules 
  • @dejavu
  • @thedancingqueen
  • @lifegoeson
  • @acriminalundercover 
  • @iaintplayingnogames
  • @beautifulmistakes 
  • @idgaf 
  • @somethingtocryabout 
  • @alwaysinamood
  • @callmewhenyouwant

Cute Instagram Names

  • @bigcinnamonroll
  • @flightsnotfeelings
  • @melodyofflowers 
  • @idreamofunicorns
  • @americanbeauty
  • @darkerthanthesun 
  • @goldenroses
  • @teenagedimples
  • @cutestlittlecupcake
  • @seekingthelight
  • @sweetsparkles
  • @vintagesounds
  • @rubyrider
  • @dontfeedtheunicorn
  • @aseriesofevents 
  • @instagem
  • @twinklinglights
  • @rosesarered
  • @alwaysinlove
  • @spellbound
  • @isntitdarling
  • @fluerdelis
  • @mintandrose
  • @moonlightandsunshine
  • @papercraneandairplanes
  • @blousesandhouses
  • @randomactsofpastel
  • @moonstrucktraveller
  • @thewildfeminine 
  • @best.dressed
  • @thenakediaries 
  • @forgoodluck
  • @vanillaatack
  • @girlganggoodies
  • @flowerbean 
  • @saltsandandsmoothies
  • @booksandpeonies
  • @margoandme
  • @fleurlovin
  • @enjouecollectif
  • @infintesoul
  • @withmercii
  • @thesunriseshack
  • @monsoonblooms
  • @floufrouu
  • @morelight
  • @javadoodles
  • @girlsareawesome
  • @risingwoman
  • @girlsmakingmagic
  • @miss_smiley_
  • @officalglamfairy 
  • @solarseeker 
  • @queenofeverything

Book Instagram Names

  • @hookedonbooks
  • @booksforbreakfast
  • @thecutestbookmark
  • @bookaesthetic
  • @checkoutmybookshelf
  • @busyreading
  • @icantstopreading
  • @tbrlistfull
  • @justonemorepage
  • @bookbeau
  • @elfhamefairy
  • @seeliecourtmember
  • @bellesreadinglist
  • @livinginthegrishaverse
  • @inkandpaper
  • @hardbacksorpaperbacks
  • @rookiemag 
  • @bookblush
  • @bookchase
  • @theliteraryqueen
  • @thebooklady
  • @bookiebits
  • @bookempress
  • @thetravelingpages 
  • @booksbracket
  • @myreadingspot 
  • @readingontherun 
  • @literarylasso

Cool Instagram Names

  • @rainbowsalt
  • @idreamofunicorns 
  • @coyoteflowers
  • @watts.on
  • @loversland
  • @motelvibes
  • @vintageparis
  • @darksun
  • @psychosocialclub
  • @latenightsinthecity
  • @dirtydisco
  • @sugarhighlovestoned
  • @dontfeedtheunicorn 
  • @loveseeker 
  • @placesplusfaces
  • @manicpixiememegurl
  • @weekendlust
  • @natureangel
  • @chillwildlife 
  • @findmywellbeing
  • @perpetualplaces
  • @farmhousegranola
  • @futureearth
  • @allblackcreatives
  • @them
  • @thegreengirlsco
  • @blackownedeverything
  • @carleyscamera
  • @theblacklinen
  • @zippyseve
  • @magicalworld
  • @iblamejordan
  • @petiue
  • @bagatiba
  • @openair
  • @fragmentation
  • @witchoria
  • @_sightunseen_
  • @snarkitecture
  • @digitalf33ls
  • @bloomingalchemy
  • @natureangel
  • @findmywellbeing
  • @peakandvalleyco
  • @wearefeelgoodclub
  • @secondlifeobjects

Instagram Usernames For Girls

  • @freakygirl
  • @twilightqueenbee
  • @lilcutie
  • @tragicgirl
  • @hotcupid
  • @princessfuzzie
  • @girlregnala
  • @angelsnowflakes
  • @butterscotchseven
  • @goldgrace
  • @hotbabe
  • @cutiebun
  • @rainbowsweety
  • @dazzledsweetie
  • @cupcakehugs

Instagram Usernames For Boys

  • @beanneverseen
  • @billyhills
  • @mistymoles
  • @texastiger
  • @surfingscooter
  • @farracer
  • @snakesuper
  • @looserbad
  • @bigben
  • @racerparty
  • @londonlions
  • @alienbrain
  • @liferacer
  • @gamersimmer
  • @listmist

Instagram Usernames For Animals

  • @kittenlady
  • @luvbentley
  • @gizmosadventures
  • @zoey
  • @milomeetsworld
  • @goldenlife
  • @thechihuahuas
  • @allpaws
  • @poochventures
  • @thefavouritechase
  • @chasethetail
  • @bridger
  • @thecaninecollective
  • @superdog
  • @awaggingtail

In conclusion

In conclusion, an Instagram username is a great way to build your personal brand and attract new followers. It’s important to choose a username that is both memorable and relevant to the content you post on the platform.

A creative and catchy username can help boost your profile visibility and engagement, as well as helping you build relationships with other influencers in your niche. It’s also important to keep your username consistent across other social media platforms, in order to maximize its impact and reach the widest possible audience. With some creativity and thoughtful consideration, you can create a unique Instagram username that will help you stand out from the crowd and increase your online presence.