How to move the Windows 11 taskbar icons to the left side

Gabriela Haynes
2 years ago

For many versions of Windows, the Start button has been at the bottom left of the screen, but in Windows 11, the situation is very different.

The new Windows 11 operating system has exciting features and a unique aesthetic in rounded corners. Because of this, the Start button is now in the center of the screen. Don’t worry, and you can fix the situation and change the standard Microsoft selection.

Move the Start button together with the taskbar icons to the left side

To start, the user should do the following steps:

  1. To move the taskbar to the left, right-click anywhere on the taskbar to select Taskbar Options from the pop-up menu.
  2. The user will now be taken to the Personalization screen, from which the Taskbar is accessed. 
  3. In this section, you can add or remove items that appear on the taskbar (Search, Task View, Widgets, Chat, and so on).
  4. The necessary option is at the bottom of the screen (Taskbar behaviors).
  5. Now expand the section by clicking on it, and then you need to set it to Left.
  6. You have aligned. Start the way you want!

To bring the panel back to a more central position, you need to set the taskbar alignment back to Center. The option to automatically hide the taskbar and set it to each display is also available.