Best Weather Apps for Android

Thomas Lucero
2 years ago

Knowing the weather for today, tomorrow, and the week is a necessity of modern life. Weather widget apps have been improving for many years, reaching the best they present now.

What is the best android weather app? Let’s look at a few software options that work better and have detailed and accurate information. Here are the best weather apps and weather widgets for Android smartphones.


1Weather, developed by OneLouder Apps, has been around for a long time, and this app is one of the most popular and rated. The program has standard features, such as daily and hourly forecasts and access to additional data. 

Weather widgets are also available. The design of the application is done. 1Weather supports Android Wear, tracking weather conditions in 12 cities in 25 interface languages. These features are free, but there are ads. To get rid of the ads, you have to pay $1.99. Of the minuses – the radar sometimes does not load.


Accuweather from is a viral weather app. The program has basic features, such as advanced and hourly forecasts. 

Other features of the app were radar, Wear OS support, etc. The app also has a MinuteCast feature that can predict when it will start raining. 

Not long ago, Accuweather underwent a redesign, and the service has added subscriptions to some users. The app is free with ads, and there are two types of monthly subscriptions, $2.99 or $8.99.

Appy Weather

One of the newest weather apps is Appy WEtaher. The program has many features, including a personalized feed, hyperlocal weather, and a modern interface. 

Right now, the app uses the Dark Sky API, but other features are expected soon. 

Subscription costs $3.99 per year.

Google Feed

Google Assistant is clearly an unusual weather app, but the program shows you the weather. Just ask Google for the weather forecast. 

The user can ask for the current weather or weather warnings – click on the weather card and you’ll have all the additional information.

The app does not have many of the features of other weather programs. But it can be used to quickly check the weather. Google Feed is completely free.


MyRadar is a simple weather radar application. The program has been given a full range of features, such as playing animations to determine if it is raining or snowing.

Additional options are available for a fee. More features in the app include a hurricane tracker and more amplified radar. The cost of the extras is $2.99 per month or $24.99 per year.

NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather Unofficial takes all weather information from NOAA and the National Weather Service. The app contains data such as the latest weather forecasts, hourly weather, radar, and more. NOAA Weather is one of the best weather app for Android.

The user can track cities at one time and select weather widgets. The disadvantage of the program is the lack of support for warnings on adverse weather conditions. Free and paid ($1.99) NOAA Weather versions are available.


Overdrop is a relatively new weather application. The program has an elegant, minimalist design. The app has real-time weather data, daily forecast, 7-day forecast, adverse weather information, themes, different widgets, etc. 

The user also can choose between AccuWeather, WeatherBit, and Dark Sky until the API closes. The app is free, and it costs $7.49 without ads.

Storm Radar by The Weather Channel

Storm Radar is noticeably different from the others, but its operation is similar. The program pays more attention to severe weather (tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes). 

The weather radar has 20 layers, and it helps to make personalized adjustments. The user gets a lot of extra features, such as forecasts, air temperature, and more. Storm Radar is distributed for free.

Today Weather

Today Weather debuted in 2017. The clean, functional, and fast weather program has many features.

The app has a standard weather forecast, humidity index, actual temperature, severe weather data, weather widgets, air quality index, lunar cycles, sunrise, and sunset. 

The app is free, and additional features are priced at $4.99.


WeatherBug is one of the first weather programs. The application has all the weather functions: weather forecast, temperature, radar, warnings, etc. 

The app still has 18 different weather maps, a lightning alert system, road map status, etc. There are also weather widgets that can be downloaded separately.

The free version of WeatherBug is good enough for its features, but more data can be purchased for $19.99.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is one of the most recognizable weather programs. The preliminary information is here: current temperature, forecast for days and weeks, adverse weather data, radar, and more. 

The app also has breaking news, lightning, and storm warnings. The best weather widget is a separate custom program. The free version of Weather Channel has a limited interface, and the complete program costs $9.99.