5 ways to turn on your Android phone’s flashlight

Gabriela Haynes
1 year ago

One of the most useful features on an Android phone is its ability to use a flashlight. Whether you need extra light while walking home in the dark or just trying to find something lost under furniture, having a flashlight on your phone can come in handy. We will tell you about five ways to turn on your Android phone’s flashlight.

Table of contents:

How to Turn on the Flashlight on an Android Using Quick Settings

Once you access Quick Settings, you can easily turn on the flashlight. To do so: 

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen and then tap the “Edit” button next to the gear icon to open Quick Settings. 
  2. Find the flashlight icon in Quick Settings and tap it to enable it. You will now see a bright blue light appear at the top of your phone’s display which indicates that your device’s flashlight is enabled. 
  3. To turn off your device’s flashlight, simply repeat steps 1 and 2 but tap on the flashlight icon again this time to disable it. Your device should now be back to its normal settings with no bright blue light showing at the top of your display anymore. 

The flashlight feature on Android phones is a great tool to have when you need some extra light in certain situations. The above-listed steps will help you turn it off or on whenever needed.

How to Use the Android 13 Quick Tap Flashlight Option

The Quick Tap flashlight option on Android 13 is a great tool to have in your smartphone arsenal. It allows you to quickly turn on the flashlight of your device with just one tap. Here are the steps to enable the Quick Tap flashlight option: 

  1. Open the Settings app and select “Display” from the list of options. 
  2. Scroll down and locate “Quick Tap Flashlight”. 
  3. Toggle it to ON if it isn’t already enabled. 
  4. You will now see a small button at the bottom-right corner of your display that looks like a lightning bolt. When you press it, it will activate your flashlight for use whenever you need it. 

Now that you’ve set up the Quick Tap flashlight option, you can conveniently access the flashlight on your Android 13 device. It’s always best to keep it turned off when you’re not using it in order to save battery life, but it sure is handy when you need a quick burst of light.

How to Use the Google Assistant Flashlight Command

The Google Assistant has a handy feature that lets you quickly turn your device’s flashlight on and off with a simple voice command. This is particularly useful when you need light in a dark space, such as when looking for something in your house or car. 

  • To use this feature, simply say the command “Hey Google, turn on/off my flashlight” and the assistant will do so. 
  • You can also ask the assistant to “dim” or “brighten” the flashlight, allowing you to adjust its output level to suit your needs. 
  • The assistant will also confirm that it has activated or turned off the flashlight before ending the conversation. 

The Google Assistant’s flashlight is especially useful for those who cannot access their device’s physical buttons while in a dark space. Moreover, it can be helpful for those who are unable to use their hands to turn on and off the flashlight, such as those with limited mobility or strength issues. 

If you need more light than what the Google Assistant’s flashlight can provide, you can ask Google to “show me some lights” which will search your device for third-party apps that offer different types of lighting solutions.

The Google Assistant is an incredibly powerful tool that makes basic tasks easier and faster than ever before.

How to Create Your Own Google Assistant Flashlight Command Button

Now that you have your Google Assistant flashlight command button setup, you can use it to easily turn on the flashlight from any device! 

  • To use your new command button, just say “Hey Google, open flashlight” and the Google Assistant will activate your phone’s or tablet’s flash light. 
  • You can also adjust the brightness of the flashlight by saying “Hey Google, dim lights” or “Hey Google, brighten lights”. 
  • If you want to turn off the light, simply say “Hey Google, close flashlight”. 

Google Assistant also has some fun features for using your new command button. For example, if you want to surprise a friend with a flash of light in a dark room, just say “Hey Google, surprise me!” and the Google Assistant will turn on your phone’s flashlight for a few seconds. You can also ask it to light up a specific color by saying “Hey Google, make it blue” or “Hey Google, make it yellow”. 

If you ever want to delete your command button, just open the Home app on your phone or tablet and go to Settings > Services > Flashlight. There you can delete the command button with one click.

How to Shake Your Phone to Turn on the Flashlight

Shaking your phone to turn on the flashlight is a great way to light up dark places or find lost items. It’s a convenient and fast alternative to fumbling around for a flashlight, or manually trying to adjust the brightness of your screen. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  1. Go into your settings menu and enable the shake option. This can usually be found under settings > display > shake feature. 
  2. Once enabled, open up the flashlight app on your phone and make sure it’s active by pressing its “on” button (which will illuminate). 
  3. Now simply give your phone a gentle shake and watch as the light comes on! To turn off the flashlight, just give your phone another shake.

This technique is especially useful if you’re in a situation where it would be difficult to reach the power button on your phone, or if you need to quickly access the flashlight without having to go through any menus. Not only is it convenient and fast, it also helps conserve battery life by not requiring the display of your phone to remain active for extended periods of time.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we have discussed five ways to turn on your Android phone’s flashlight. Overall, finding the right method for you depends on what type of phone you have and what other features you may want access to. Whichever option you choose, it is easy to quickly turn your flashlight on or off with just a few taps or voice commands.