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Video conferencing with the proven functionality for your work

ZOOM Cloud Meetings allows virtual meetings when a physical meeting cannot be held. The software developers created a solution that will enable firms to hold team meetings, conferences, and sales presentations over the Internet.

The program allows video conferencing with recording and screen sharing features. You can manage contacts and invite people to a meeting by applying a Zoom meeting URL. The user has to click the link to join the discussion.

Zoom main settings

To start a Zoom meeting, you must create an account. When you download the app to your device, you need to create an account whenever you want to hold a meeting and invite other participants to it.

Authorization is available from Facebook and Google accounts, making the registration process more convenient. Creating an account gives the user a personal meeting ID. Send an invitation to participants, and they become participants in a virtual conversation.


Virtual backgrounds and screen sharing are essential elements of the app. You can diversify your conversation, add an interesting background, or upload any image.

Screen sharing helps you compare notes and presentations and collaborate better. Desktop sharing claims multiple screens.

The Whiteboard feature allows participants to use the whiteboard to state their ideas. Another feature that can be highlighted is the instant messaging feature.

The Breakout Zoom Rooms feature divides users into groups where individual video chats can be made.

Zoom can still record meetings on video, and the files are saved locally. A paid plan provides the ability to hold a session recording to cloud storage.

Free and paid versions of Zoom

Zoom Meetings is a free program. Initially, users are allowed 40 minutes per meeting, but sometimes, the app makes exceptions, and the conversations are extended.

The free account allows up to 100 people per video meeting. The maximum number of people you can see in a session is 49 users.

A paid account provides unlimited time and access to additional admin management features. There are also reports and user management tools in this version. Another aspect of the paid tiers is access to cloud space to store recorded calls. Pre-scheduling an appointment in Zoom can be connected to a calendar.

Zoom security

The user can protect meetings with a password, as Zoom has improved security features. The app has end-to-end encryption, but Zoom also applies user privacy security features.

Call hosts can see a Security button in any active call on the interface. This feature gives quick access to lock the meeting, enable waiting rooms, and give participants access to different controls. The administrator also has access to a list of who is on the call and their connection.

Some problems that appear in Zoom: fix methods

Sometimes different problems start to appear in Zoom but don't worry, because everything can be fixed with our proven methods.

Fix Zoom camera not working

The first thing to do is make sure that the Zoom app has permission to use your camera on the phone. If it does not, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the app drawer - find Zoom.

  2. Long press focus on the program icon - select Application info.

  3. Press Permissions - camera must be enabled.

  4. Reboot device.

  5. Go into the program and press the "Start Video" button.

  6. Other applications must not use your device's camera at this time.

Fix Zoom Audio not working

First, check to see if your device is muted. The mute button is located underneath the call screen.

Now, we have to check if the Zoom microphone is working. To do this, you must allow the program to use the device's microphone:

  1. Open the app drawer - find Zoom.

  2. Long press focus on the program icon - select Application info.

  3. Press Permissions - the microphone must be enabled.

  4. Reboot device.

  5. Other applications must not use the microphone of your device at this time.


Zoom is trendy worldwide because it is a safe, convenient, and easy-to-use program. The application allows the user to work remotely, keeping in touch with friends and family. It offers simple collaboration tools and reliable host control. Zoom is ideal for professionals and personal needs alike.

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