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Spend your free time watching funny videos, learning something new, or becoming a popular star

YouTube is a multimedia application that allows you to watch videos, upload your own content, and become part of the community. It is optimized for comfortable video viewing. To start watching - click on any video that you think may be interesting and ready. Most videos and music are free, except for YouTube Premium and YouTube TV.

Functionality and interface of YouTube

The application works great and looks on both PCs and smartphones. The interface is quite minimalist, without unnecessary details that could interfere with you. The video is searched by keywords in the title, blogger channel, or show section. You can go to the "Popular" deposit to learn about the latest trends, news, and new music from artists. You'll see recommended content based on Your device previous preferences in the recommendations bar.

When you watch a video, YouTube automatically rotates it for convenience. You can control video playback speed and quality resolution, including subtitles for convenience. Pause the video, unwind to the beginning or end, or skip to the next video. The application will show similar videos on the subject below or after watching. You can search for this content while watching the video, as it will be played in a small window at the bottom.

What content can be found here?

The video base is really huge, so here everyone can find videos that would interest him. There are entertaining videos, scientific formats, beauty, gaming, DIY, recipes, and anything else. There are also educational videos from which you can learn a new foreign language or anything. Special mention should be made of music and music videos from world celebrities, which you can watch and listen to here to your heart's content. The most popular content format is the mini-instructions for everything in the world, where the author of the video will help you solve your problem. If you have a child and are worried about what she is watching on YouTube - you will like the YouTube Kids. There you can limit unacceptable content.

Is it worth downloading YouTube ?

Undoubtedly yes. It does not take up too much space on Your device smartphone, is free, and offers you many interesting videos to watchin any language of the world . Watch funny videos, TV series, interviews of successful people, scientific formats, and self-development. In addition, you can search for excellent video makers, follow their work, and support them by liking and writing comments. Or you can start your own channel and become popular by sharing your experiences, skills, and fascinating stories. This is an excellent opportunity to find your own business, which can be profitable due to monetization from YouTube.

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