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About Webex Meetings

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Webex Meetings
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Webex Meetings is a special application, which you can install on Your device Device and use for video conferencing and online meetings. It gives its users the ability to arrange a meeting to speak in real-time with friends, colleagues, or relatives, even if they are far from each other. 

It is an application, which is super easy to use and you can start your meeting literally in a few seconds.

About Webex Meetings

Along with allowing seeing your colleagues and friends and real-time by using a smartphone, Webex Meetings gives also the opportunity to communicate together with chat messaging, sharing files, and cross-platform capabilities. Moreover, you can start your gathering on the spot or even schedule it.

This application is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Canvas, and Moodle, which means that you can work with colleagues on the same project in real-time. And in case someone is absent from the conference, you can record the meeting and share it with him later, so everyone will be able to stay informed.

The biggest advantage of the Webex Meetings is that it can host up to a whopping 40,000 people in one call. Moreover, everyone has the possibility to join as a guest, even if he has no account and no installed app. All you need to use is your web browser. In addition, users can customize their screen layouts the way they want.

Features of Webex Meetings

The greatest feature of Webex Meetings is that you can reduce sounds that distract or interrupt you using advanced noise removal and speech enhancement. Also, there is the ability to express your feelings by using simple hand gestures. You can customize your stage view to focus on things you want. There is also available 1:1 and group messaging. In addition, you can turn your background into something unusual with animated virtual backgrounds.


Webex Meetings is a web and video conferencing service that helps teams to collaborate in real-time using their on your devices. There will not be any problem with keeping in touch, even if there is a long distance between you. It is an application that is highly versatile and well-designed for business work.

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