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A professional application for editing music wherever you are

WavePad is a free mobile app for Your Device with lots of audio editing features. WavePad has all the essential functions, such as recording sound on a voice recorder, editing, and adding effects. In the end, you can share the melody in any available format, such as WAV or MP3. This way, you can create your music for free.

Application capabilities

  • Basic editing functions. WavePad has all the essential functions found in all audio processing programs. These are tools to copy, paste, cut, delete, mute, insert and automatically trim audio files. You can also merge, reduce noise and change the speed of the music.

  • Sound recording. If you don't have a pre-recorded audio file - you can record sound directly in this program using your microphone. This is very convenient because immediately after that, you can start editing.

  • Batch processing. You can edit multiple files simultaneously in WavePad. This will save you much time editing similar tunes or multiple variations of the same recording.

  • Support for many formats. The app supports popular audio formats, including MP3, VOX, WAV, GSM, FLAC, AIF, M4A, AAC, WMA, AMR, and OGC. You can export finished music in any form.

  • Effects. The app offers a range of the impact to make your music more enjoyable. For example, AM radio effects, speech synthesis, and chain effects. You also can add echo, reverb, normalization, and other effects.

  • Technical indicators. You can use audio restoration features, including noise reduction and click removal. The application supports sampling rates from 6 to 192 kHz, stereo or mono, 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits.

Should I download WavePad on my Android device?

If you like to create music and you often find inspiration outside the home - try the mobile version of the powerful WavePad application.

It is easy to use, does not take up much memory on Your device smartphone, and offers many functions. You can easily record your voice on the recorder, add beats and edit the track. Cropping, normalizing, and equalizer tools are available to you. You can also add various effects from the free library to create great ringtones. In the end, you can save the result in the desired format and share it with anyone. It's an excellent solution for editing on the go when you don't have access to a full-featured desktop editor.

WavePad is free to download and use. The developers continue to release regular updates and keep the app running great.

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