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Highly customizable, fast, and secure mobile browser

Vivaldi is a fast and reliable web browser that allows you to surf the web quickly and with minimum data usage. It emphasizes user choice, allowing you to remain in control at all times. With its high level of customization and its many unique features, Vivaldi has the potential to become a top choice for mobile browsing. The app is currently available for Android and requires version 6.0 or higher.


The application's interface is user-friendly and intuitive, providing various customization options and quick access to frequently used features. It also supports the drag and drops quality and windows resizing.

Tools and features

If you're looking for a browser that can do it all, Vivaldi is the one for you. It comes with innovative as well as built-in vital features that help to get things done quickly and efficiently:

  • You can take notes as you browse and sync them securely between all your devices. Plus, you can capture screenshots of a full page or just the visible area and share them with others in a snap.

  • Vivaldi Translate, powered by Lingvanex, is your solution if you need to get private translations of websites done quickly and easily.

  • Our QR code scanning feature makes it a breeze if you need to share links between devices.

  • The app's developers take user privacy and security seriously. Vivaldi does not collect any telemetry data about its users. It does not track or generate unique identifiers, such as cookies or user tokens. And it does not scan or otherwise investigate the content of your email messages unless you have your consent.

  • The Personalized Speed Dial tool allows you to create a list of bookmarks to use with shortcuts that you can assign to your favorite entries.

  • There's a new style for the Tab Switcher, which can be set to show only the last few tabs you've opened on this device or all your open tabs across all devices.

  • Tab Tiling allows you to view two sites at once. Just select the "Tile Tab" option when you long-press a tab.

  • The private Tabs feature allows you to open a personal tab for each device. You can browse privately without fear of exposing your online activity.

  • You can group particular tabs using the Tab Bar with Two-Level Tab Stacks. This will minimize screen clutter, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Here are some additional Vivaldi's Smart options:

  • The History panel is to navigate back through your sessions.

  • The browser window is maximized to view more content on the page.

  • Hiding the address bar to get a full-screen view of the web page.

  • Customizing with the color scheme and icon set of your choice.

  • Digging into everything you've ever searched for, from Maps to images and beyond.

  • And more, so much more.


The versatility of Vivaldi makes it one of the best web browsers for Android. You can personalize Vivaldi to suit your preferences, but that requires a little work on your part. Vivaldi has some enhanced defaults to make new users' experiences more accessible.

  • Highly customizable interface
  • Drag and drop support
  • Secure
  • Fast
  • Improved surfing on larger mobile screens
  • Sync
  • Lacking some desktop features
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