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Clean up your operating system

From time to time, every mobile device user faces the task of restoring the operating system. A virus infection, incompetent intervention, or an accumulation of digital trash may slow down and disrupt the work of the device. The TWRP Recovery application is a combined utility to create backups and restore the system of Your smartphone or tablet. We will tell you more about this program.

What is this program?

TWRP Recovery is the most popular unofficial Recovery section on your devices. Initially, this "recovery" was designed for Nexus on your devices, but it became available for almost all popular smartphones and tablets. To install this Recovery instead of or in parallel to the "native" one, you will have to spend much time and use third-party software. Moreover, the installation of a modified recovery partition can lead to malfunctions of the device. That's why you should remember that replacing the standard Recovery is done at your own risk, so it is better to ask a more experienced user to help you if you are not confident in your abilities. After all, the program is worth it.

Primary features

Every mobile device has a default functionality to reset the system and return to factory settings. But this is not enough. After a standard factory reset, a user receives a device as it has just been purchased in a store. There are no personal settings and personal data in the memory of such a device. You must re-fill all the contacts, manually install your favorite apps, and register for services.

All this requires much time and effort. The TWRP Recovery application allows you to pre-program all the backup and recovery processes. TWRP Recovery is an upgrade and improvement of your device's factory reset and recovery system.


The interface of TWRP Recovery consists of several functional sections:

  • Wipe. The section for settings related to memory and cache cleaning and returning to factory settings;

  • Install. The section prepares the processes of installing software, firmware, and applications. Applications are offered to be compressed into archives and saved to the local memory of the device;

  • Restore. Restoring task management section for restoring data from backups;

  • BackUp. Configuring the backup order, i.e., what data must be packed up;

  • Mount. Managing disk formatting and partitioning.

  • Setting. General settings of the TWRP Recovery program.

The Advanced section contains advanced settings designed for competent and experienced users.

The Reboot section has a system for managing reboots and shutting down the device.

Do not forget that your device must have a full battery and be connected to the mains to perform backup and recovery tasks correctly.

Users can use different versions of the TWRP Recovery utility for various on your devices.

What's great about this program?

TWRP Recovery allows you to:

  • Install custom firmware and unofficial cores;

  • Install factory system updates, add-ons, and patches;

  • Connect to a PC via USB in a removable storage mode;

  • Create a full backup of the current firmware and its parts, such as system, settings, and applications;

  • Restore the device from a previously created backup;

  • Return to factory settings (Wipe – data/factory reset), clear cache(wipe cache), clear Dalvik-cache (wipe Dalvik-cache), and clear the battery statistics (wipe battery stats);

  • Create partitions on the memory card and format them;

  • Execute terminal commands;

  • Work with files on Your device device.

The program allows you to install unofficial firmware for your device, connect it to the PC in ADB mode, make backups of the current firmware, reset your device to factory settings, quickly remove different system information, format your memory card, and create new partitions.

The TWRP Recovery menu, unlike menus in many standard recovery partitions, is touch-sensitive and doesn't force the user to navigate with mechanical buttons. Root rights are another valuable function of the alternative recovery partition.

TWRP also has some more useful features, such as the built-in file manager (it doesn't work correctly with files and folders containing Cyrillic characters) and the ADB console.


TWRP Recovery is a much more powerful utility than a factory one. It allows you to make full system backups of your device and install software, firmware, cores, and much more. A factory recovery usually does not let you accomplish so. TWRP is installed in a particular system partition of a tablet or smartphone instead of a factory recovery.

TWRP Recovery can help you in some hopeless situations. Even if your tablet or smartphone has stopped booting, you can use TWRP to restore your system from a backup with all its settings and applications.

  • A useful program
  • Advanced functionality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Inexperienced users may have difficulties when installing this software