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Gabriela Haynes
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New Skate Game with a Realistic Feel

Why do people play games about skateboarding? They probably want to try something unlikely to happen in real life. There are many similar games, but not all of them look realistic and create the feeling of skating as close to the real one as in the True Skate simulator from True Axis.

What is this game?

This game approaches skateboarding from a different angle than you are used to: there is no character whose actions you need to control. There is just a blank skateboard. You can speed it up by touching the screen with your fingers. It seems that your fingers are acting like legs, pushing off the tracks of the skate park depicted on the screen.

All the tricks with complex names that exist in reality are also present here, and the skate park looks almost similar to a real one. There are many ramps and various obstacles, such as steps, thresholds, and fences, and you can also use them in your tricks. The skateboard is located in the center of the screen, and the camera moves simultaneously with you, showing a good overview.

Unique controls

Finger control is intuitive, convenient, and easy to master:

  • Just speed up the skateboard with one finger by touching the screen next to it.

  • Rotate it by touching the edges of the board.

  • Jump by tapping the part of the skateboard closest to you.

Tapping on its farthest part will help you land safely after another "flight."

You will learn how to ride smoothly almost immediately, but leaving the skatepark without mind-blowing tricks is impossible. This means you'll learn something new level by level, combining new tricks with newly learned ones.

In addition to jumps and flips, the ability to land is another critical factor for successful skateboarding. Otherwise, you will always watch your board crash to the ground upside down. Nothing will happen to it or you, as this is just a game, but you'll have to start practicing the trick again.

Similarities with a fingerboard

All extreme sports fans know what a fingerboard is. You can "ride" this toy skateboard with your fingers. True Skate is a virtual fingerboard. There are no characters in the game, just the skateboard and a platform with various elements for tricks, such as ramps, stairs, handrails, full pipes, step-ups, and many others. The scale of the virtual park is impressive, and it isn't easy to find a similar one in real life.

On the one hand, it is easy enough to play this game. There are no limitations: just ride and learn how to perform new tricks. There are so many elements that you can develop an entirely new program every time. On the other hand, it is tough to play because you need to get used to the controls and become dexterous enough to perform many tricks. It is not easy to spin the skateboard with two fingers and catch it afterward. However, the game is as realistic as a fingerboard.

An audio-visual component

True Skate's graphics design is strikingly realistic. The lack of background music is compensated for by the natural sound of the skateboard's wheel rolling across the park surface and the clatter of the flipping board.


The physics in the game is pleasantly impressive, well-thought-out, and realistic. The movement of your skateboard depends on Your device gestures and speed. It is better to find out on the Internet how to perform real tricks to perform the virtual ones.

The purpose of the game

The lack of an actual goal is the only disadvantage of this simulator. You just ride, practice maneuvers, tricks, and techniques master the level, move on to the next one, and enjoy your achievements. Of course, you'll get points for new accomplishments, but they don't mean much. The game is about your personal experience and skills, not about competitions and skill demonstrations, and this is a great feature.

So don't expect the adrenaline of sports competitions from True Skate . The excitement of repetitive training, attempts, and mistakes will surely lead you to victory over yourself.

However, there are specific missions in the game with no limitations. You'll see what you need to do. After that, just roll at your pleasure and try to perform a particular trick simultaneously. The percentage of completion of the specific mission is listed at the top of the screen. The game has many different tasks, and some tricks are complicated.

Game features

True Skate is a dynamic arcade game about skateboarding for mobile platforms. You can use your mobile device to do stunning tricks on the skateboard and get points for it. Compete with your friends, perform excellent combinations, and have fun. The game has the following features:

  • Realistic touch-based physics gives you a real skateboarding experience;

  • Wear and tear of the skateboard;

  • Swipe your finger on the ground to push off;

  • You can get lost in the beautiful skatepark with ledges, ladders, flat rails, bowls, half pipes, and quarter pipes. Additional skateparks are available as in-game purchases;

  • Slow motion;

  • Rewind;

  • Custom tasks;

  • Repeat view;

  • Global leaderboards.

True Skate is excellent if you want a good sports game to kill your free time.

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