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The Sims FreePlay is a free simulator of the most authentic life created on your devices. You can create your character and play the usual life roles with them. Imagination and creative fantasy are the primary points in this simulator. We will tell you more about this game.

What is this game?

The Sims FreePlay is a life simulator where you can play yourself or anyone else. Start creating your first character, make up their face, change their hairstyle, select body size, and look in the wardrobe with more than a hundred outfits. After that, you can create your cozy house with various items and appliances. Change the layout, select the interior design, and arrange the furniture the way you want. The store has everything you need in real life.

Now you can download this great simulator on Your device smartphone or tablet running on iOS or Android for free! The Sims FreePlay takes you to a mysterious island full of secrets. You can solve its mysteries while building your house and socializing with your sim. Excellent graphics will give you many pleasant moments. Beautiful landscapes and the detailed appearance of characters create an impression of extraordinary realism on Your device smartphone or tablet.

The Sims FreePlay allows you to try yourself as a designer and builder and learn any desired profession and life role. You have a chance to start life from scratch. Make acquaintances, find a job, organize your leisure, and fall in love — just do everything you are used to doing in real life.

Innovations for the mobile version

The developers have not simplified the game to ordinary mobile games. The game is incredibly close to the original version. The mobile version has almost everything you are used to in classic computer games. Want to build and furnish your house? You're welcome. Prefer to create a character's social relationships? No problem. Now you have everything you missed on Your device smartphone.

What's in store for those who are not yet familiar with the game? The feeling is very similar to what parents feel when they need to take care of their children and always pay attention to them. You need to arrange the life of your sims: feed them, buy them clothes, and solve their problems. You can select both children and adult characters. Don't forget that you are responsible for their actions and living conditions.

What's great about this game?

The Sims FreePlay is a popular life simulator with various possibilities. You can decide for yourself what your character and their house will look like. Once everything is ready, you can start building relationships with the locals, making friends, quarreling, playing together, and falling in love. Try to find a good job and follow your character's career development. There are enough exciting activities that can help you earn money and improve your home. Create a family, have children, and continue the genus. Parties with all your friends are enjoying. Do not be afraid to attend events and give gifts to your friends. The gameplay has no limitations, so you can furnish your house as you want, take care of the yard, and change your characters.

You can also take your character to hang out at a club, have lunch at a restaurant, and go shopping. As your character's personality develops, they start to master new skills, abilities, needs, and other indicators. You can create a successful and intelligent generation or take a different path.


Unlike other towns in The Sims series, the game starts with an empty village that must be filled with various areas and populated with characters over time. As in the computer versions of the games in the series, players can control one family or switch between families. Their territories can be altered by adding items and changing them. Players can collect simoleons from each region, one per minute.

The game has an experience progression system. It increases after completing tasks and any interactions in the game. The higher the experience level is, the more new interactions, town capacity, and unlocked items you can get. Characters can communicate with other characters, make friends, and start romantic relationships, like in all The Sims games.

Time flow features

Game time progresses in real-time. One minute in the real world equals one minute in The Sims FreePlay . Game time continues to run even when the application is closed, so the player does not need to wait to complete the interaction in the game. That's why the game requires a constant Internet connection to synchronize interactions when the player is not playing.

Character needs

As in other parts of the series, characters have basic needs, such as food, communication, hygiene, leisure, sleep, and natural conditions. Characters do not die in this game due to the real-time progress system if the player does not play the game for several days or more. When the player returns to the game, each character's needs are exhausted, and there will be a "puddle problem" immediately after selecting a residential lot.

Since sims live the lives of ordinary people, they also need money. To earn them, you must perform different actions of varying degrees, from mowing the lawn on their territory to organizing a huge party. If you don't want to waste your time on such things, you can invest real money in the game to avoid the need to work.

Special-themed items for every holiday or significant event are another nice game bonus.

Since the life of your sim is the same as yours, they have the same opportunities as you do. If the need to earn real money does not please you, you can fall in love and have children in the game.

Game features

  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics;

  • More than 1,000 in-game items;

  • Realistic character behavior;

  • A large city map;

  • Freedom of design.


Fans of the Sims series will appreciate The Sims FreePlay because it has unique features and opportunities. Three-dimensional graphics look realistic, and all characters are similar to real people. The general atmosphere conveys the feeling of modern life. Players can take care of the family and comfort in the house, have a child, and create a successful person. It is straightforward to control the game by tapping on the right places on Your device smartphone's screen.

  • Good graphics
  • A simple control system
  • Fun to play
  • Requires a constant Internet connection

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