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Control any device from your phone

TeamViewer is a remote control application for Your . You can access any device millions of miles away, whether it's your home computer or your grandmother's gadget.

How to use TeamViewer?

  1. Download and install TeamViewer .

  2. Also, install TeamViewer on the device you want to access. It can be another mobile device, desk computer, or even a cash register terminal.

  3. Enter the ID and password of the other device.

  4. Connect and use the remote device in real-time.

Access files on Your device home computer anywhere

Is there an emergency, and do you urgently need a document? With this program, you can access it. Files and applications on Your device remote computer are just a few clicks away. You can also establish a secure connection to other mobile on your devices and servers without a VPN.


TeamViewer offers:

  • End-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication

  • Intense monitoring to detect abnormal activity

  • Ability to reset the password for non-standard actions

The remote support tool comes with Secure Remote Protocol, which adds password encryption to save you the risk of hacking. It complies with the general data protection rules.

Features in the use of the program

Make sure you have a good internet connection. Otherwise, you will have many access problems. The performance also depends on the quality of the Internet of the device you want to connect to. If one of the parties has a delayed connection, it affects both. But even so, when you start using TeamViewer, you'll feel like you now have the ability to carry desktop data in your pocket.

Does the support service work?

The TeamViewer team supports paid, free plans on all platforms. You can contact the knowledge center and community forum from your phone and write about your problem by e-mail for free. There are also telephone support services, but only in a few countries.

Should I download TeamViewer ?

If you always need any information from your home computer but carrying it everywhere with you is not an option, you should download TeamViewer. Although the functionality of the mobile version is many times worse than the computer, the program will still allow you to connect to on your devices and control them remotely.

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