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Practice your best chat-up lines on this foxy feline

Talking Angela is a mobile game of the chatbot genre for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, developed by the Outfit7 Limited company. It is the tenth game in the "Talking Tom and Friends" series. It was first released for iOS on December 18, 2012. in January 2013, and got more than 50 million downloads in mobile application stores worldwide, according to the statistics at the end of 2015. The game has low system requirements and can run efficiently, even on old on your devices. We will tell you more about this game.

What is this game?

In this game, the user has to meet an anthropomorphic white cat named Angela, sitting at the table of a Parisian cafe in the street. The ability to communicate with the character using a dialog box at the bottom of the screen is the game's primary feature. The communication is only available in English because this application does not support other languages. Type on the keyboard or dictate the words using the voice search function of your device, and Angela will answer you with her voice and a text message in the dialog box. You can talk to the cat about various topics, such as romance, sports, movies, celebrities, TV shows, pets, and many others.

Game features

In addition to the regular communication with Angela, there are various commands in the application that can be used to activate additional game options:

  • Sing to me: a teaser video clip of Angela's solo song "That's Falling in Love," performed by American singer Chelsea Ward, is activated. You can also watch this clip on YouTube;

  • Buy a drink: buying the drinks with various effects offered by Angela for in-game currency, such as "Lighting Shot" (Angela will be struck by lightning that appeared out of nowhere), "Night Nectar" (it will become dark outside, and you will see many colorful eyes in the darkness, "Rainbow Splash" (rainbow colors will light everything around the cat), etc.;

  • Feed the birds: Angela will feed the birds around her;

  • Start a quiz: Angela will offer to answer questions from a random quiz;

  • Tell me a joke: Angela will tell a funny story or a joke.

In addition to the chatbot, there are other functions in the application. For example, after tapping the "Face" button in the upper left corner of the screen, you can communicate with Angela using gestures and facial expressions. After pressing the "Heart" button, you can hear a fortune from a cookie from Angela or read it. The "Gift" button allows you to buy various clothes, accessories, and makeup elements for Angela or decorate the street by purchasing a pink scooter, catbook, Christmas tree, radio, etc. To view or put on/off purchased items, use the button with a hanger in the upper left corner of the device's screen.

You can push Angela in her head, body, tail, or legs or pet her. The cat's reaction to your actions varies: she can sneeze, wink, wave away, or even fall. You can also play a lottery once daily to win 10, 25, 75, or 200 game coins.

The game also has a hidden Child Mode function. After enabling it, the game becomes analogous games, such as "Talking Tom," "Talking Ben," and other similar games from the "Talking Tom and Friends" series. However, Child Mode has lost its unusual feature after an update in 2016. The game was officially turned into the analog of "Talking Tom."


In 2016, the developers decided to change the game. With the release of version 2.6, the following game features have been changed:

  • The chatbot feature was removed. The users have lost the ability to communicate with Angela through the chat. Instead, Angela can repeat any sound and word said by the user into the microphone of the device;

  • The ability to record and share a video with the heroine (it can be recorded using the "Camera" button) or to watch the existing ones through the integration with YouTube has appeared;

  • New buttons were added: "Cocktail" and "Bird." They perform well-known game functions: buying a drink and calling a white bird.

Who should install this game?

Talking Angela (both the character and the mobile game) is popular among teenage boys and girls ages 11-13. It is also popular among younger children (10 years and under). Angela is less popular among adults over 14 years old. The game has various exciting activities with your favorite pet. Decorate her house, choose outfits and makeup for the character, play games, learn different dance moves, and have fun. You won't have time for boredom because Angela will make you happy.

  • It lets you chat about different things
  • Many ways to interact with Angela
  • Facial recognition (on supported devices)
  • It doesn't include voice recognition

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