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Fast, engaging, and simple social networking

Snapchat is a straightforward messaging application where you can send and receive videos, pictures, and sounds that replace text. Each multimedia format is short-lived on the program's servers, but that's the thing about Snapchat.

Files from users can be modified through different lenses with filters, making them funnier and much more enjoyable. Additionally, the program has a component that works as a social network, where there are stories and other channels to follow.


Through frequent updates, Snapchat ended up with a new interface and feature set. The app continues to take care of all of the program's features for interactive interaction.

Snapchat uses video to get people interested in being able to share information about their lives. Today, the idea of the program is inspired by the best social networking tools.


The interface here is straightforward. When you launch the program, the device's camera opens, offering the ability to share photos with other users. After creating a photo/clip, you can share it with your friends and upload it as a story for a limited time.

Snapchat cloud storage saves every photo and clip so that you can view them at any time.

Individual bitmojis

Snapchat has received a wide range of features. It's an update on sharing photos and clips you can take thanks to personalized bitmojis (a three-dimensional smiley face that mimics a person's appearance). Change your style and hair color as you like and your facial features.

Bitmojis is a separate filter for creating cool pictures. Personalized emoticons can mimic movements when talking to the camera.

Personalized geofilters

Snapchat has innovative features that help you share your location with the rest of your users. The program generates geofilters itself when the GPS is open. The appearance of the geofilter depends on the exact location of the user. It happens that the design of the geofilter shows a nearby event.

More communication

Video calling on Snapchat allows more communication, not one-on-one as it used to be. You can now video chat with up to 16 people at once. Use AR lenses and facial filters, and your conversation will become much more engaging.


The Snapchat app has a Discover tab that allows you to be on-trend. The app displays a wide range of topics based on your preferences.


The latest version of the app is a creative and fun way to share photos and videos with the rest of the user community. Through rapid updates, the company is evolving and growing. AR lenses, filters, bitmojis, and more - give your communication more creativity and fun.

  • Video chat without lags
  • Location Map
  • Bitmojis
  • Customized Geofilters
  • Lots of updates
  • No analytics

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