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Sinesp Cidadão
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A mobile application that provides access to the Sinesp National Public Security Information System in Brazil

It aims to enhance public safety and empower citizens by offering real-time information about vehicles, such as license plate records, theft reports, and registration details. With Sinesp Cidadão, users can quickly verify the legal status of vehicles and contribute to a safer community.

What is this program?

Sinesp Cidadão is a mobile app developed by the Brazilian government to facilitate public access to vehicle information. It allows users to input a vehicle's license plate number and obtain relevant details instantly. The app taps into the national database to retrieve information about vehicles registered in Brazil, providing users with valuable insights into the background and status of a particular vehicle.

Features and Benefits

  • License Plate Verification: Enter a license plate number to retrieve information about the vehicle, including make, model, color, year, and registration status.

  • Theft Reports: Check if a vehicle has been reported as stolen or involved in criminal activities.

  • Vehicle Registration Details: Access official registration records, including the owner's name, city, and state.

  • Real-Time Data: Retrieve up-to-date information from the Sinesp database, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simple and intuitive interface that allows for quick and easy access to vehicle information.

  • Contributing to Public Safety: Use the app to report suspicious or illegal activities related to vehicles, promoting a safer community.

Reasons to Download Sinesp Cidadão

  • Vehicle Verification: Ensure the legality and authenticity of vehicles before making a purchase or transaction.

  • Personal Safety: Check if a vehicle has any theft or criminal records, helping you make informed decisions in various situations.

  • Crime Prevention: Contribute to public safety by reporting suspicious or criminal activities related to vehicles.

  • Empowering Citizens: Access to vehicle information empowers citizens to be more vigilant and informed about their surroundings.

  • Convenience: Obtain essential vehicle details quickly and conveniently using Your Device.

  • Instant access to vehicle information promoting transparency and security
  • Helps prevent fraud and illegal activities related to vehicles
  • Empowers citizens to take an active role in public safety
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation and information retrieval
  • Provides real-time data for accurate and up-to-date information
  • Limited to vehicle information within the Sinesp database (Brazilian vehicles)
  • The accuracy of information relies on the completeness and accuracy of the national database
  • Requires an internet connection to access the Sinesp database
  • Some information may be subject to privacy regulations and may not be publicly accessible
  • App performance may vary depending on the device and internet connection