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Royal Match
Dream Games Ltd.
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Gabriela Haynes
Gabriela Haynes
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An exciting and fascinating puzzle game

Royal Match is an exciting puzzle game from Dream Games, Ltd. You have to help King Robert to create the most beautiful Royal Castle. To do this, complete tasks, pass colorful levels in match-three games, and collect chests with rewards. There are various decorating options for you to choose from so you can successfully prove yourself as a designer. The game also has fun events where you can play with your friends in a team. We will tell you more about this game.

What is this game?

Royal Match is a logic puzzle game of the match-three genre. The Royal Castle is filled with thousands of fun and complicated puzzles. You must match three or more colored items to clear the playing field and solve the puzzle. In Royal Match , King Robert needs your help to decorate the Royal Castle tastefully so you can visit it between levels. You will get coins for decorating rooms, building a stylish house, bonuses, and extra boosters to continue your saga.


Line up three or more objects of the same color to achieve the game goals. You will receive stars for passing levels. Stars are used to complete quests and improve areas. You will also receive coins for completing levels and use them to buy boosters and extra moves. There is a limited number of actions at each level. You'll have to complete the level again if you are out of moves. Combinations of boosters can help you pass levels. You can combine boosters to make the effect more powerful and remove more items from the field.

Lives and power-ups

The number of lives shows how many attempts you have left to complete the level. The maximum number of lives is 5. You lose one life each time you fail to meet a level. A life is regenerated every 30 minutes. The number of lives is shown in the heart on the main screen. There are four types of power-ups: a rocket, TNT, propeller, and light ball. You can also create them by making a row of four or more items, getting them from chests, or buying them for coins before starting a level.

  • A rocket removes all items in a row vertically or horizontally, depending on the place where it is pointed. You can create a rocket by collecting 4 or more items of the same color in a row;

  • TNT removes items from the field within a 2-tile radius;

  • A propeller removes a random obstacle. You can create a propeller by arranging 4 items in a square. When launched, a propeller also removes neighboring items;

  • A light ball removes all items of the same color in a row. You can create a light ball by collecting 4 items in a row.

Combinations of power-ups are also available:

  • Rocket + Rocket: removes all items in one horizontal and one vertical row;

  • Rocket + TNT: clear 3 rows vertically and horizontally;

  • TNT + TNT: drags items from the field in a 4-tile radius;

  • Propeller + Rocket: a propeller moves a rocket or TNT to a randomly chosen square and activates there;

  • Light Ball + Rocket, TNT, or Propeller: a light ball turns all items of the dominant color on the field into a rocket, TNT, or propeller;

  • Light Ball + Light Ball: removes all items from the field and destroys one protective layer from obstacles.


Boosters make it easier to pass levels in Royal Match . You can get them from chests or buy for coins before levels (open chests and pass the bonus levels to get free coins). There are the following types of boosters:

  • The Rocket allows you to start a level with a single rocket placed at a random location on the field;

  • TNT will enable you to start a level with TNT placed at a random location in the area;

  • A Light Ball will enable you to start a level with a light ball placed at a random location on the field;

  • Royal Hammer clears one tile or removes one protective layer from obstacles without using a move;

  • Arrow clears a horizontal row of objects and removes one protective layer from blocks without using a move;

  • Cannon clears a vertical row of objects and removes one protective layer from obstacles without using a move;

  • Jester Hat snuffles all things on the field without using an action.

Team play

Creating new or joining existing teams allows you to communicate with their participants and give them lives. You can create a new team or join the existing team after reaching level 20. Teams can be open and closed. Anyone can join an available unit. The team leader must approve you to enter a secure team. A team can have up to 50 members. An Internet connection is required to access the units.

Rewards and rating

Each team member picks up rewards independently. Everyone receives the same rewards. Once the event is completed, the three most active participants receive additional tips. Each event is counted separately. There is also a rating for team members with all their achievements and some goals.

Game features

  • Unique match-three gameplay and exciting levels for advanced players and beginners;

  • Lots of coins and unique treasures in bonus levels;

  • Powerful boosters are waiting for you to unlock them;

  • Awesome chests with great rewards, such as coins, power-ups, and boosters.

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Stylish graphics
  • The game has low system requirements
  • None

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