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Edit interesting and high-quality videos wherever you are

PowerDirector is a great and full-featured editor for your videos. It is perfect for both professionals and beginners in the field of video processing. You can quickly and easily add music, transitions, effects, filters, text, change the background, etc. Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface of the program, you can create the perfect videos for your social media content or for personal memories.

Functions for basic processing of any video

PowerDirector has good basic functionality. You can trim, rotate and change the duration of the video. Along with this, you can attach an image on top of a video or make a full-fledged college. This will make the result much more enjoyable. There are also tools for changing the color, brightness, and saturation of the video. Add ready-made filters or effects from the library for more excitement.

You can add plain or animated text to your video in seconds. This will help you make your video more informative in moments where the sound is hard to hear. Add music or record a voiceover with a microphone to add atmosphere or describe processes on video. If you think it's all too difficult - the video editor has hundreds of free templates, video effects, filters, background music, and more that you'll definitely be able to handle.

Learning process

PowerDirector has an incredible opportunity to teach anyone who wants to edit incredible videos. First, this is CyberLink's blog. There you can find tons of tutorials, information, tips, and instructions to get you started. In addition, it is an excellent opportunity to follow the latest trends in editing and creating any content. You can also find many examples of videos from other professional users here for inspiration.

Second, PowerDirector has a Learning Center where you can learn from scratch or improve your video editing skills. There are hundreds of videos and tutorials by topic, product, or skill level. This is a wonderful and truly unique opportunity.

Should I download PowerDirector ?

If you like quick and easy video editing from your own smartphone - you will definitely like PowerDirector. It is powerful, easy to use, has a simple interface, and offers many editing features and high-quality results. You can use it to create commercials, blog videos, and personal memories. PowerDirector continues to update its functionality, becoming better and more accessible for novice users. In the latest version, you get the ability to clear audio, 4K video-editing preview, form builder, nested projects, square video, motion graphics, and animated titles, as well as new transitions.

Unlike the computer version, the mobile application is completely free to download and use. So it would be best if you tried making some videos in this editor.

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