Portalfor Android

By NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios (Free to try)

Spend extra time-solving puzzles wherever you are

Portal - a mobile puzzle game in 3D space. You will be able to play with a first-person view and fully feel like the main character in the atmosphere of the game. The process is exciting, and you will definitely enjoy it. Even if you pass the primary levels - you have the opportunity to continue the game in additional levels and competitions.

The game is available for download on Google Play. Unfortunately, it is not free, and you will need to pay 10$ to download it. However, it's really worth it because the mechanics are simple, exciting, and help you develop outside-the-box thinking. This is confirmed by numerous awards and a high rating of the application.

The plot and characters of the game

The game begins with your character passing out in a science lab. Then the GLaDOS robot accompanies you throughout the game, which requires you to pass a series of tests. This is the main antagonist of this game. He promises that "there will be a cake" at the end, but you should not believe it. Next, you move through the laboratory corridors and learn the game's mechanics through learning lines. When the training phase ends - you get a device for creating portals.

From this moment, the central clearing of the game begins. Your character must perform various tasks and advance to the following levels. Gradually, they become more complex and dangerous, so you should use your creativity to solve them.

How to play?

The main mechanic of the game is the use of portals. You can easily open a transition between two locations and thus move between tasks. You can open only one outlet at a time with an entrance to it and an exit. When creating a new portal, the old one disappears, so you must manage them wisely. Portals store the kinetic energy of the body passing through them. This is quite an exciting possibility that could be useful in real life. As you play, you will learn more about using portals.

The main game consists of 19 test rooms. After passing nineteen test rooms, the puzzles continue "behind the scenes" of the testing center.

Should I download Portal for Android?

If you love games with a tense atmosphere of adventure - you should download Portal. The scientific laboratory plot is fascinating and makes you think about solving puzzles. If you are creative enough to solve the problems, you can complete the game to the end. After that, there are additional levels, so you don't have to be bored.

Although this is a paid application, it really offers a great pastime. The Portal will help you reduce time in queues, in transport, and at a boring party. Since the development of the game is not finished, you can expect updates and the addition of even more features.

  • It can be played anywhere
  • Developer support
  • Fantastic puzzles
  • Great graphics and sound
  • Excellent learning curve
  • You need to pay to use

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