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Evolve and infect the whole world

The developers of the popular game for mobile platforms and PCs see the world's end in a large-scale epidemic. Plague Inc. for Android is a unique game that has already won the hearts of millions of players worldwide. We will tell you more about it.

What is this game?

Plague Inc. for Android is a full-fledged simulation of the extermination of all life in our world. Are you ready to stage a mass apocalypse and destroy the mightiest mammals? Put on a gas mask and sit in a bunker because everything on the surface will be contagious!


There are several ways to wipe out a great civilization. Players can infect one person with a simple disease, which will spread throughout the country in a couple of days.

You need to increase your power, modify genes, and create new symptoms to turn infected people into rotting pieces of meat. You can start with a primitive bacteria, a virus, a parasite, or even a bioweapon. The use of a bioweapon is fascinating. Humanity will destroy itself, and the world will plunge into darkness. You can also go the hard way and spread the elemental bacteria in developing countries where medicine is poorly designed, and people do not know why they need to wash their hands.

The gameplay is straightforward and even primitive. At the same time, Plague Inc. drags players out, so it will be tough to tear yourself away from the screen where there is a world map with options to control the disease and the news feed.

Various viruses

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a weapon, such as a virus, bacteria, parasite, etc. Each presented "tool" has specific qualities, so you have to develop many tactics in the game.

First, the player infects the first person in any country of the world, then the disease with your name does its job. You get special bonuses called DNA points by infecting new people. You can use them to develop the contagion. You should set all ways to transmit the disease, such as air, water, blood, insects, and livestock. There is a richer arsenal available, but it may take more points.

So far, the non-lethal disease has spread through countries by airplane filters, ship vents, and international festivals where no one follows hygiene rules. As the infection spreads, various countries inform each other about this new disease and start fighting it after a thousand deaths.

The world will resist

It will take a long time to create a vaccine. But as lethality increases, world powers and non-infected nations will join forces. That's when you'll have to do everything possible to keep the disease from being defeated.

Once the vaccine is available, scientists will start distributing it all over the planet. At the same time, the number of infected will gradually decrease, and once only healthy people are left in the world, you can hang up the white flag and start the game again. In Plague Inc. for Android, you can get defeated if a part of the population remains healthy and all the infected "losers" have passed away.

Well-thought-out mechanics

Any virus spreads and adapts to the vector and the aggressive external environment. In reality, the processes run in parallel, but they are connected. The game's operations are divided to make the virus spread faster. You start by "landing" the selected virus in some country and wait for the first outbreaks. The virus is active, so you get DNA points and improve the virus. Three sections are available: ways of transmission, skills, and symptoms. The latter is the most intense: you can make the virus more lethal and contagious in a human-to-human pattern. The ways of transmission work on the global map: migration via animals, planes, or ships and adaptation to one or another climate (hot or cold, dry or humid) or the type of terrain (rural or urban). As for skills, the primary points of this section are related to slowing down the development of an antidote: a virus increases its susceptibility to antibiotics and changes the structure of its DNA.

In addition to the primary symptoms, Plague Inc. also offers some unique ones. For example, if you don't like the people of northern countries, you should make the infection resistant to cold climates.

It isn't easy to achieve the goal

The complete extinction of humanity is the winning condition, so you must keep an eye on the balance. Try not to spread the virus too quickly or slowly, and don't forget about distant lands. The more people are infected, the less traffic between countries is, up to a complete standstill. The more countries are infected, the more activity there is around developing an antidote. There are not many nuances, but the approach should be flexible in each case.


Despite the minimalistic interface, Plague Inc. for Android is realistic. There are real country situations, politics, and quite logical actions of countries in fighting against epidemics. Download Plague Inc. and take revenge on the cruel world for everything it has and has not done for you.

  • Great strategy gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Lots of replayability
  • Could have a more dynamic interface



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