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My City : Office
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Thomas Lucero
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The game where you get to create your office adventure

My City: Office is an engaging simulation business-type game developed by My Town Games Ltd. This educational simulation game offers younger ones a variety of careers to try and play as. The My City: Office aims to introduce office work to kids and teach them a few concepts of such work.

About My Town Ltd.

My Town Games Ltd is a game development company with offices in Israel, Spain, Romania, and the Philippines. The main aim of its activity is to create open-ended games that encourage imagination, exploration, learning, and inclusion. This studio has designed different digital dollhouse-like games to suit different tastes. All their games were developed to empower creativity in a safe environment. That's why a lot of caring parents choose their games.


My City: Office is a unique game where children can discover the life of an adult working in different types of offices. In this game, kids can create their own exciting adventure by choosing any role they want, whether it is a role as the boss or the employee. For example, there are offered four job careers for players to choose from.

The game starts at the boss's house, where the player has to dress up. At the office, you can be engaged in various activities, including holding meetings, awarding hard-working employees, and telling everyone what needs to be done.

It is a fun office, so you can even hold parties and grand the worker with a monthly award. Apart from that, you can also do some exciting stuff at the gym and try yourself as a gym trainer. Here, you have to monitor the exercise routine of customers. Your customers will have to do some running, jumping, and weight lifting. There is also a television station where you can apply for your next exciting job. The television station is searching for talents for talk shows, news casting, and talent shows. The last location is the American Diner, which is hiring new workers to serve fast food meals at the peak of lunchtime.

Additionally, there are extra activities outside the confines of work as well. Among them are bathing, eating a nice dinner, and watching a movie. You can choose any of them if you want to relax after a hard day at the office.

Game features

  • Roleplay storytelling takes place in five great locations: Office, Bosses House, Gym, TV Station, and Burger diner,

  • There are new characters, which you can use in other My City games,

  • There are some exciting secrets at the office to unlock,

  • You will be allowed to print, make a photocopy, meet excels, and a lot more – just like in a real office!

  • The game connects to other My City games, which lets players move characters, clothing, and items between games.

  • My City: Office supports multi-touch so that you can play together with friends and family on the same screen.


My City: Office is an outstanding game that has already become a must-have for many caring parents worldwide. It will be an excellent solution if you are looking for a match for your kids to teach them some simple office work skills and work in a diner, gym, or television station. This engaging game allows our little ones to learn something new by playing in a safe environment. Children will be able to expand their creativity in making decisions and gain an understanding of how adults work in real life.

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