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Have you often noticed that you can't keep up with the information flow and get lost? If so, Microsoft OneNote will be beneficial for you. We will tell you what this program is and what features it has.

What is this program?

Microsoft OneNote syncs and archives notes automatically. It has unique tags for marking different information to facilitate the monitoring of events and works. The tasks you save in the program can be synchronized with the Outlook service to increase efficiency and flexibility in project management. Moreover, you can make your meeting more effective by offering participants all the necessary information about the event as reports, presentations, documents, and notes.

Primary program features

Microsoft OneNote has many functions, but we will mention the primary ones:

  • Lists. You can create task lists with checkboxes;

  • Drawing and handwriting. The user can draw, pen, or finger write on the display of the device;

  • Photo Capture. Adding photos from the phone or the tablet camera to the notes. The app can recognize text on images;

  • Scanning. You can save, crop, and enhance your material automatically when using the camera;

  • Sharing. Share OneNote notes with the Share button on the particular button bar;

  • Recent notes and thumbnails. You can find your notes faster with page preview and recent notes above the search box;

  • Search. OneNote makes it easy to find what you are looking for;

  • Attached mode. When you have two applications to work at the same time, you can pin OneNote to the side of the screen;

  • Formatting. Format your notes with clear tables, markers, and colors;

  • The option for disabling syncing notes to the cloud is available.

Information retention features

  • You can write, draw, and move files in the application;

  • Find photos on the Internet and put them into OneNote without leaving the program;

  • Use the camera to add pictures;

  • Use the microphone to add audio;

  • Use Email to OneNote to put emails and attachments into OneNote;

  • Use Send to OneNote to send the contents of any document from any application into OneNote using the Print menu;

  • Use the Web Clipper to put web pages in your browser into OneNote;

  • Use the OneNote icon on Your device smartphone to create notes without launching the app, even on a locked screen;

  • Use the Office Lens to take photos of documents and put them into OneNote with cropped margins and aligned perspective;

  • Use the Zapier to create notes automatically from different apps using preset algorithms.

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