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Free and secure mobile browser for easy internet use

Microsoft Edge is a free and easy browser to use all the features of the Internet. It starts quickly, smoothly browses pages on modern technology, and offers many additional features. You can open several tabs at once, and each of them will work properly without delay. The browser also handles streaming perfectly.

Personalized and convenient

You need to create an account to use this browser. After that, you can use continuous viewing and synchronization of data between your smartphone and computer. This way, you will always have access to content, search history data, and saved tabs wherever you are.

Customize the look of the browser to your personal preferences. Switch to a light or dark theme, add wallpaper, and make minor changes. You can also add a huge number of plug-ins and extensions to increase the capabilities of the browser.

Common and fast information retrieval

Together with Microsoft Edge, you can quickly and easily find the information you need on the Internet. Choose the method of entering the query that suits you: enter URLs or keywords in the search bar, use voice input, or use a photo search from the camera or gallery. Either of these methods will offer you a lightning-fast and high-quality search.

You can also manage search and feed settings. Change the default search engine, adjust settings and change the news feed. Microsoft Edge can also change the viewing interface to desktop mode and vice versa to mobile. This is very convenient because some sites are not adapted to the mobile interface.

Safety of use

If the security of your phone and personal data is extremely important to you - you can not worry about using Microsoft Edge. The application securely protects your data with end-to-end encryption. In addition, you can control the privacy of the browser in the settings. You can disable remembering passwords and data to sites, block pop-ups and cookies, and not even share your browser history.

Edge also offers you an InPrivate tab and incognito mode so that all your data is automatically erased when you close the tabs. This will give you an extra level of protection.

Is it worth downloading Microsoft Edge ?

If you are looking for a simple browser with excellent synchronization between all on your devices - try using Microsoft Edge. It is fast, easy to use, individually customized for you, and offers many valuable features. The interface is immaculate and clear for those who open the application for the first time. This browser is suitable for convenient personal use and even for important business matters because it is also fully protected. For a small mobile screen, Microsoft Edge is a good solution. Developers continue to maintain stable browser performance, release updates and improve usage. Try downloading Microsoft Edge and use its features for free.

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