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A mobile application designed to provide convenient access to the services and information offered by the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT), the Spanish Traffic Authority

This app aims to enhance the user's experience by offering various features related to traffic regulations, driving license management, and vehicle-related services.

What is this program?

mi DGT is an app developed to facilitate interactions with the Dirección General de Tráfico in Spain. It allows users to access their driving license information, vehicle registration details, traffic updates, and other services provided by the DGT, all from the convenience of their on your devices.

Features and Benefits

  • Driving License Information: Users can view their driving license details, including personal information, license validity, and endorsement history. This feature ensures that users have easy access to their license information at any time.

  • Vehicle Registration: The app allows users to check the registration status of vehicles by providing the license plate number or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This feature helps users ensure that their vehicles are registered correctly and in compliance with regulations.

  • Traffic Updates: Users can stay informed about real-time traffic conditions, road closures, and incidents. This feature provides valuable information to plan routes, avoid congested areas, and make informed decisions while on the road.

  • Fine and Penalty Notifications: The app notifies users about fines and penalties associated with traffic violations. Users can receive alerts, view details of the violation, and access options for payment or contestation, streamlining the process of managing traffic-related fines.

  • Notifications and Reminders: The app sends notifications and reminders for important dates, such as vehicle inspection due dates, driving license renewal deadlines, and other relevant events. This feature helps users stay on top of their obligations and avoid penalties or inconvenience.

Reasons to Download mi DGT

  • Convenient Access to DGT Services: The app provides a single platform for accessing various DGT services, saving users time and effort in obtaining relevant information and completing necessary procedures.

  • Real-time Traffic Updates: Users can receive up-to-date traffic information, enabling them to plan their journeys efficiently and avoid traffic congestion or delays.

  • Driving License and Vehicle Management: The app allows users to access their driving license and vehicle registration information, ensuring they have easy access to important documents and details.

  • Fine and Penalty Management: Users can receive notifications and manage fines and penalties directly through the app, simplifying the process and avoiding unnecessary complications.

  • Personalized Notifications and Reminders: The app keeps users informed about important dates and events related to their driving license and vehicles, helping them stay organized and compliant with regulations.