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Thomas Lucero
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A fun alternative to WhatsApp that allows you to call and chat for free

LINE allows you to call, chat and send photos to others free from your smartphone or computer, follow companies and celebrities and share the news with friends on a social networking-style timeline. LINE allows you to chat with friends and make free video and voice calls to other service users. This includes the ability to make calls between and iPhone versions of LINE.

LINE's voice and video calling features work well, and the sound quality is excellent. LINE is easy to set up, allowing you to register with your phone number or email address. You can also make premium calls to your non-LINE contacts from within the app and block or hide any contacts you don't want to be able to contact you.

Advanced Features

Hidden Chat is a feature similar to Snapchat in which you can send time-limited secure messages that will only be displayed for a set time after the recipient opens them. The app also has a Timeline feature that gives it social networking feel, as your friends who use LINE can like and comment on Your device posts. You can write a message or share a photo and a sticker. Companies and celebrities now use LINE, so you can add them as contacts to keep up with what your favorite stars are doing or are doing or what stores, brands, or restaurants are offering. If not many of your friends use LINE, you can shake your phone (or tap the screen) to find random people to chat with nearby.

Data security

Security is determined by how the app collects and shares your data. The privacy and data protection practices may vary depending on the use of the app, the region, and the age of the user. The developer who provides this information may update it. Businesses and organizations manage official Line accounts. To interact with them, you must accept the Terms of Use for Official Accounts. When you add or interact with an authorized account as a friend, the official account is given access to view your profile information. This includes your display name, profile media, status message, and your internal identifier, a unique string of characters provided to users when they sign up.

Why download LINE ?

LINE is an attractive alternative to apps like WhatsApp, Tango, and Viber because it allows you to make free video and audio calls in good quality on Your device phone and provides some additional features like time-limited messages and some related apps. Overall, LINE offers you many features in just one app, yet it works seamlessly and is easy to use. The LINE voice and video calling functions work well, and the sound quality is excellent. There is a slight delay when calling both over WiFi and 3G. Text chat in LINE is convenient because of the support for group chats of up to 100 people and a good selection of emoticons that can be added to the conversation. Unlike WhatsApp, LINE allows you to chat between the desktop and mobile versions of the application.

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